Hey, 99%, Suck it Up

by James A. Carberry, Fidelity Sunday, Dec. 25, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Look in the mirror before pointing at the 1%.

Like the 99%, I was born into a family without advantages. We were a poor family living in a poor section of Boston. When a judge decided that we would be forced to share our classrooms with black people, my parents wisely looked out for my best interest and we moved to a middle class suburb called Dedham. I took full advantage of the public school education available to me.

With little chance for advancement, I took a job at Bay Bank and continued to work there for many years. I did all kinds of lowly work, like being a teller, and later a loan collections officer (going after deadbeat scumbags). I worked hard and learned early on that what matters is getting money, not feeling these sissy bleeding heart emotions that liberal scum suffers from.

I found a girl from a wealthier family, and her father taught me how to cheat, steal, arrange kick-backs, persuade people, manipulation, and subvert people in secret. I began to advance more quickly. In a short time, I began working for an investment firm. By gambling with other people's money, I increase my wealth and position.

Today I live in a nice home on a hill overlooking Cincinnati from the Kentucky side of the river. I am involved in the MS charity and love handing out that big check on Labor Day. I worked my butt of to be part of the 1%. If you didn't do as well as I did, it's because you are a lazy SOB.

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