Obama Orders Treason Against Occupy Wall Street

by GreenWhatElse Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011 at 6:00 PM

More details are being fished out of the pool of obscured coverage of the Obama regime's orders issued to the Department of Homeland Security, ordering the violent, treasonous assaults against peaceful, law-abiding citizens who are demanding true Democracy and sane Capitalism, something that our nation's enemies must stop at all cost.

Obama Orders Treason...
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The chain of command starts with foreign enemies of our country, Saudi Arabia which owns Citicorp and CItibank, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Exxon/Mobile, Shell, Halliburton et al.

The orders? Violoently assault our nation's rights, liberties, and freedoms before the citizen's popular rebellion flames up in to full-scale revolution which deposes the theofascist Oligarchy and Wall Street criminals and traitors along with their corporate-owned pet politicians are dragged in to the streets and given fair trials by the no-long-quite-so-peaceful citizens.

All of you people who still vote Democrat and Republican, how many times does the absurdity of voting have to come back and smack you with truncheons and spray you with mace before you morons wake up and realize that if voting actually worked, it would be illegal?

Read the article, read the comments. If you vote for that mass murdering terrorist traitor in the White House, if you vote for *any* politician, you are committing treason against your own country, doing exactly what our nation's enemies what you to do.


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