Occupy LA - HOW TO DONATE - Oct. 13 UPDATE - MANY changes!

by Sue Basko Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 at 8:56 PM

Occupy LA now can only take restaurant-made food, not homemade food. Also have created Amazon wish list. Also need 6 Mac desktops donated or loaned. Medical and cleaning supplies list. Donations of money needed also.


OCCUPY LA WISH LIST ON AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/gp/wishlist/3366QKZ8V3F6D/

Occupy LA has made a convenient wish list with pictures, prices and links to all items needed now. Will be updated on rolling basis.

Media Needs: Donation of loan of 6 networkable Mac desktop computers and a server.

ALSO - update on food. Occupy LA is working with Health Department to get a permit to prepare foods in food tent. Until then, they're not being allowed to do any food prep.

They DO NEED right now: store-bought or restaurant-made packaged sandwiches, granola bars, 10 pm pizzas, etc. THEY ALSO need Ice, bottled drinks, water, etc. Nothing homemade being allowed.

Medical Tent Needs Now: Blood pressure testers and stethoscopes. Automatic defibrillator. 3 AAA batteries. Pepto bismol. Condoms. Gloves. Underwear of all sizes. Good lamp that runs on battery.

Cleaning Supplies Needed: To clean out used tents.


Matt Ward · DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad


We desperately need donations to continue to supply the #OccupyLA movement. We are attempting to make this look easy and free, but it definitely costs money! Our present weekly sanitation cost alone exceeds $3,000, and that is with the numbers in the thousands, unlike the tens of thousands most of you shall surely soon be joining in the streets.

The best form of making a remote contribution is by check! PayPal can shut us down, but your check will always be good! Please send any donations, be they financial or durable good (particularly bedrolls or pads to place beneath bodies; it's not that cold, but the ground still steals all the warmth from the body while you sleep!), to this address:

The UPS Store.

ATTN: OccupyLA

645 W. 9th St. Unit 110-253

Los Angeles, CA 90015.

You can also donate by going to occupylosangeles.org or the Occupy Los Angeles facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/occupyLA

The primary disadvantage to this method is that it will take us longer to access the funds. This is okay, however! We still desperately want them, even by that method. We are not going slow, we are going far! We will soon have a BitCoin donation account set up as well, which is a much securer method that will allow us to mobilize funds more quickly and efficiently, so keep checking those above-referenced pages!

Anyone with particular donation questions or causes they can help mobilize in any charitable support, including offering of tax-exempt status shelter, please contact us at olafinanceit@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone who has already generously helped us get this incredible movement off the ground! I hope we can continue to make it look easy, but we are here because you are with us! Join us!

Matt Ward

-#OccupyLA Finance