The House Party

by Forward! (not straight) Monday, Mar. 21, 2011 at 3:57 PM

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A new party, The HOUSE party! - For 2012

Moving not left, nor right, Onward and upward ever,

Forward and on, and on;

Hail to thee, Land of Heroes,


No Nuclear power - We have a fusion reactor called the Sun God supplies us with

near infinite amounts of safe nuclear energy.

Higher Minimum Wage - Abolish Minimum wage laws (which enforce artificially low wages) and bring mean wages to livable levels

close to double what they are now.

Eliminate Social Security and Standardize National health care - The cost savings in preventative care and erasure of unwanted teen pregnancies

will relieve a huge burden on society eliminating homeless people and the mentally ill from our streets and neighborhoods.

Putting workers back to work who are disabled now because they can't afford treatment.

Reduce military spending to one-quarter current levels maintaining / developing new technology while

reducing working staff to peacetime levels.

Use portion of overseas war budget (10%) to buy/renovate state housing 'projects'

No more than 30% of income adjusted rent-to-own program. To increase personal investment and small business growth & jobs.

Lower overall budget to reduce deficit using these methods.

Campaign reform eliminate lobby spending and corruption in congress,

if ceo's want to lobby they can call their senators themselves. It should not continue

to be legal to purchase army of henchmen called lobbyists. One person one vote,

not one dollar, one vote. Give government back to small business, the backbone of the economy.

Eliminate mountaintop removal in Appalachia by funding geothermal/solar/micro-hydro energy projects

This new movement is sweeping the country in the wake of Wisconsin, and now it has a name. The house party.

Join the House Party!!! Help us nominate a Presidential Candidate for 2012-

Join us at the Whiskey a go-go April 2nd @ 4:20pm

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