Sexual Harassment and Violence at Orange County’s Democratic Party

by Jeff Saturday, Mar. 12, 2011 at 9:53 PM

Democratic women ready to fight back against the climate of violence

California’s Democratic Party of Orange County is a failure when it comes to politics. Democrats do not hold one seat on the county board of supervisors. The only Congressional seat in the county held by a Democrat was won by Loretta Sanchez without the help of her own party. After her victory, her party took an interest and jumped on board. The Orange County Democrats have only one state senator and one assemblyman. The State Senator acquired his seat without any assistance from the Democratic Party as well.

Failure as a party does not stop the leaders from using their positions to intimidate women who try to change the political situation in Orange County. Known for their orgies and mistreatment of women, DPOC men require women to fit into a man’s agenda or be relegated to a laughingstock. The main complaint of Democratic women is that … “To fit in, you either have to say ‘yes’ to the men or pretend you are a man.”

Recently a video surfaced of an Orange County Democratic Congressional candidate physically abusing his wife. The recording was made by the couple’s child. As the candidate attacked his wife and threatened to leave her dead, the wife begged him to stop hurting her. The child screamed and came to the defense of the mother. Democratic women say that this kind of abuse is acceptable and common. One said the man in the video was a top insider on the committee. Apparently, bruises are common on women attending meetings with their husbands.

Women are angry and some are refusing to put up with it any longer. Some are saying they will no longer donate to the local party until it cleans up this mess. Some women’s groups are saying they should run their own candidates.

Woman’s rights go further than choice. They go to allowing a woman to live in peace. It may be a while before this latter right is recognized at the Democratic Party of Orange County.