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by Jeanne Kyle Friday, Oct. 29, 2010 at 7:01 PM
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BP continues to poison Gulf coast and people with systematic cover up

October 28, 2010: Four weeks ago, Global Voices for Justice (http://www.gvfj.org) teamed with Global Access Media (http://www.globalaccessmedia.org/bp_spill.html)
to travel to Louisiana and investigate the effects of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill on the Louisiana environment and its residents. With the help of Dahr Jamail (http://www.dahr.org) and residents in the New Orleans / Grand Isle, Louisiana area, we made some disturbing discoveries:

1) Despite claims to the contrary, oil continues to wash ashore unabated. Shockingly, workers report they have been told to LIMIT their cleanup efforts. In some areas, rather than remove contaminated sand, the oil is covered and buried under layers of clean sand.

2) The highly toxic dispersant Corexit was knowingly sprayed on workers while they surveyed the water in their boats at night and also sprayed over homes where families slept, leaving many ill.

3) Fragile marshlands and fishing areas continue to be decimated, literally shrinking coastlines and threatening the only livelihood many residents have, including indigenous people having to consider leaving their poisoned lands.

http://vimeo.com/16215581 Watch Part I of The Consequence of Oil (15-minute video) exposing
the cover up of massive amounts of oil and chemical dispersants still in the ocean and marshes, the possibly illegal and toxic use of the dispersant Corexit in coastal population zones, and the continued effects of the spill on the Gulf environment, residents, and clean up crews.

As the mainstream media shifts away from the people and stories of the Gulf, Global Access Media's 12-part documentary series - The Consequence of Oil - will continue to shine a light on the questions, concerns and allegations of the independent scientists, BP workers, fishermen and residents of the Gulf as they live the real consequences of the largest offshore industry oil disaster the world has ever known.

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