by Kim Jong Panetta Thursday, Oct. 07, 2010 at 6:50 PM Laporte Texas

I have a missing Hindu family needing compliance officer with authority to enforce the paperwork reduction act post facto no joke. Not only that but I seem to be downloading Jon Stewarts jokes. I blame the incident on KPFT for blaspheming too much on Thursday and Friday.

actual relative date X-6-2Kx

This happens all the time to the same family and they may actually have been tortured already. I have a tendancy to blame Duane Bradley for many good reasons. It may also be the fault of my sister.

I own the family for all practical purposes and am willing to make an offer to buy them back. Why would the NPD buy back hijacked wildlife?

I cannot seem to find the Daily Show on ATT U-verse based on non-compliance with escape characters and the you know what sign. 44 asterisk, (international symbol for an asshole) My dictionary has a CD in it, butt, what the hell.

It just went to bed. The great mystery.

I consider the paperwork reduction act to be of vital importance to national security at this time. However non-compliance should be maintained post facto hitherto so-ever forever until such time as can be established that the facto post and other percieved violations of religious tolerance based on blasphemy, pornography, and other signs and wonders seen without regard for technology post haste of repulsion or second thoughts about the actual credits recorded post haste, out of hell, or tortured, would only then prove that radio transmissions comply with certain standards that make the weapon easier to control.

Electronics, often used in weaponry, and FM radio transmitters, are often confused with safe toys although licenses are often required. TV and pornography create a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of idiots like Ronald Reagan, his wife, family, Bush the father, the son, and the HOLY GHOST. Which may not be the same thing as the Holy Spirit but Larry Flynt would know.

The second ammendment was designed to defend against these beasts although the technology has improved somewhat hitherto. Moderating the debates might help.

Perhaps the paperwork reduction act will be a talking point on Fox News Channel tommorrow? In my goodness mind I was wanting to reach out to Michael J. Fox in order to help him heal himself. I think he figured it out on his own. Most people barely react to a film depicting a gun murder.

May the spirit in the medium not go round in a circle of death that cannot change. Rather than torture actors on TV, rules of pornography were invented. Why do I have to constantly remind the same person and people about the same thing. I am still vigilant.

Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly, and release my Hindu family. If not I will read my Bible again and the forces of nature will comply.

If Jon Stewart were to testify to the truth, he would speak six noble truths. If he testified to the whole truth, he would show six other hands. If he testified to nothing but the truth he would use the blankety blank blank.

And God Almighty said to me the other day, NO GAMES. Rather than cast lots we could just comply with the paperwork reduction act and cash in chips. Amen.

Meanwhile obstructionists just want to keep all the loot and act like the last 10 years never happened.

According to Dr. Sunjay Gooftup, he considers himself a physician. I can buy alchohol at a drive-up bar but I cannot get a tranqualizer. I don't need em. I just eat a banana when I start having a heart attack.

The beast that needs ten days in the mental health institution according to the Bible many times over is expected to show up late for work again based on relentless attempts to will her slave into compliance with a circle of death. Other non drug addicted old people have been using and abusing the drug of their own choosing at dirt cheap prices for many decades.

Although completely insured for so called health care, good, non-Satanic pharmacutical medicines are un-available to the author based on hatred of the patient by doctors who hoard unto themselves God Almighty over my health and refuse repeatedly to dispense the chicken scratch that magicly produces income for Satanic reasons according to a Satanic God they worship called HYPOCRATES. Patron idiot saint of NAZI-like doctors although less righteous, and more guilty.

They even want to bullshit me into thinking that they save lives for Christ's sake. They save about one life for every million people that will certainly die if we do not DEMAND that all so called medical doctors get 10 DAYS IN THE MENTAL HOSPITAL ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE.

Based on the Bible, non-compliance with the demand assures hell for all Christians in my opinion. I happen to feel like a 7 day Adventist today and apparantly the red river did flow and just cause was taken into account pre-fix no. Amen. Cricket. AND all that JAZZ.

Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly.