American Idle

by green leprechaun Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2010 at 4:28 PM

For Painter

I have had the unfortunate opportunity of late to witness the

spectacle of tv up close and personal, in my face, as it were. I am

told by the pushers of this media that things like marijuana use are

not reality, but television is. Go figger. The more someone watches

tv, the worse this mindset seems to become, because television is mind

control as pure and potent as any drug; it is actually a form of

conquest whose purpose is creating an audience for hate, strife,

ignorance, war, oil cartels, oil spills, drug cartels, building

demolitions, pro sports, and many other forms of violently ridiculous


The American mind control media strenuously opposes anything that

will cause their victims to escape this death grip of disinformation,

and that is accomplished through employment of an all pervasive and

well entrenched police state. It is this media and its attendent

police state, more than anything else, which runs America from

without. In a nutshell, and to the point, the police state of America

is accomplished with aerial drug sprayings daily, a super surveillance

and behaviour modification technology, the worlds largest prison

system, and a secret police called homeland security which outspokenly

pledges allegiance first and foremost to lords and kings.

The tv show which depressed me most was what the tv addicts call

American Idol. I say American Idle, and that last is much closer to

reality than the true label of such an idiotic waste of time. It is

bad enough that this has become a nation of warblers, crooners,

soldiers, cops, (tax enforcers) and other federal reserve toadies of

all types, alongwith myriad types of sphere fetishists, but to

actually make this type of behaviour something that children yearn to

emulate: well, American Idle indeed, thats all I have to say. I

think am going to puke now. Consider it done.

To me, the show American Idol...errrrr...American Idle, it is

just one more example of favoritism, nepotism and fear, here in the

land of the slaves and home of the pee. While the judging of

participants during American Idle is arbitrary and foolish, based

almost entirely on fund raising and totally embarassing to those with

a brain, these menialities are nothing compared to the underlying

mindset being perpetuated. This is, quite simply, a mindset for the

conquered, they who have been hypnotized by silliness and tripe, they

who have fallen for glamor and drama, and forsaken their country in

the process. These types spew all sorts of anger and dogma, and it is

here that I must say: BEWARE OF DOGMA. Beware of ALL dogma, especially

dogma espousing lords and kings, because lords and kings are

unAmerican, and thats a fact. Think about it.

As with all tv here, American Idle is as far away from reality as

can be: it is only concerned with god dollar, or lack of it, lording

wealth or the promise of it over people who have been pauperized and

are too stupid to realize they have been conquered in the process.

Every American should be wealthy because of what our parents and

grandparents were promised, but of course never happened. The huge

amount of taxes they have paid over time were to be invested to create

financial security, but the American public at large has been

hoodwinked into true and thorough stupidity, never realizing that it

is simply gross and purposeful mismanagement of our funds which has

been used to put us on the level of the third world countries, who are

surpassing us now, thanks to lords and kings and idiocy

extraordinaire. This gross and purposeful mismanagement has of course

allowed the international types such as the bush crime family and

other representatives of israeli interests to steal our collective

product for wars, and war contracts, and war weapons, and war prisons,

and war ad nauseum for anything, as long as it is not for Americans

themselves, as long as it is, at the core, AGAINST America.

While rich kid stock dweebs on wall street play with their toys

and squeeze the last bits of life blood from our country, Barry Sotero

(the prez) tells us about his bathroom adventures in the Whitehouse

while the worst monkey-made disaster the modern world has ever seen

seeps its oily way onto the beaches of the gulf, and soon the world.

That latter circumstance, the gulf oil spill, also celebrated Adolph

Hitlers birthday, which is a stark reminder, or perhaps even a wake up

call, to those in-the-know concerning Americas silent civil war, and

all that portends. People like the bush crime family, which include

most politicians and all preachers these days, are just moles for

foreign interests, and the vast majority of the disasters, including

okc, 911, the oil spill, and many others, are all perpetrated by these

moles and their representatives in the military industrial complex,

which they control through frats and secret societies such as the

scull and bones club at Yale.

As the police begin to feel the squeeze of their paymasters, they

have become overtly predatory, showing their true inclinations...many

people are seeing this now, and rest assured these tax enforcers for

the federal reserve called police will be the last to be laid off:

the teachers, and road workers, and garbage collectors, and airline

employees: those types will all be laid off before the police, because

the elite need these police to enforce the police state, and thats not

rocket science my friends.

Add to this the wanton aerial sprayings and electronic mind

control which is happening everywhere (LOOK UP! AND COUNT THE

ANTENNAE! STUDY SATELLITE TECH!) which is a vast israeli/mossad

program of depopulation as well as pacification, all disguised as

environmental modification/elite communications, and those still able

to think should be able to easily perceive the reason behind all this

dumbing down via tv and other mind control media.

American Idle. Unto Death. That means you.

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