California Sentences its Domestic Violence Victims to Death

by Freedom Writer Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2010 at 10:43 PM

In California, domestic violence victims have nowhere to go. Funding has been cut and they are prevented from obtaining food, gas, medicine, legal help and other meaningful assistance. 46 women die every day from domestic violence.

16,800 women die every day from domestic abuse. That's 46 per day. Who is to blame? How about governmental bodies, such as the state of California?

In California, men don't even have to lift a finger to kill their victims. They can starve them to death, deny them medicine, and isolate them and the government will not lift a finger, even if direct violence is involved.

At one time, authorities would arrest men who beat their wives. Now, wife beaters usually have to take a walk around the block.

Women who are starved have no governmental recourse. In California, food stamps are not available to domestic violence victims unless their whole family (abuser included) make under a certain amount of money. Even if a victim or family qualifies, the abuser must agree to come in, fill out forms and get fingerprinted in order for his victim to receive food stamps.

Domestic violence programs have had much of their funding cut by the State of California. They cannot assist victims with food, gas, medicine, legal help or other necessities. However, they may encourage a victim with nowhere to go to leave and place herself in a worse situation.

Legal aid is not available to most domestic violence victims. In order for a victim to qualify, her abuser must make under a certain income.

90% of domestic violence victims are silent. They have nowhere to go. They just sit or lie on the floor being kicked, hoping for help while awaiting State-sanctioned death.

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