SB 1070

by Fernando Suárez del Solar Monday, Apr. 26, 2010 at 1:24 AM

Open Letter to President Obama

Governor Jan Brewer may have ended her political career by signing Arizona law SB1070. We will see how she fares after committing this racist act that only serves to unite all those around the world who despise white supremacy in the United States.

Governor Brewer has placed you, President Obama, in a difficult position, and you will have to draw upon your moral vision and dignity and keep your promise to enact comprehensive and humane immigration reform.

How incredible that in 2010, despite the awful legacy of white supremacy around the world, we have not learned that an attack against people of another color only divides us. How is it possible that a state like Arizona, whose territory was stolen from Mexico and among whose inhabitants are millions of Mexican descent, could pass such a law? How is such an attack against immigrants and especially Mexicans possible when this nation has exploited the children of immigrants in its wars? Let us remember that in all the recent American wars around the world the first to fall in battle have been immigrants. In Iraq, hundreds of Mexicans and Mexican Americans have died "defending" American ideals.

Those young soldiers and Marines of Mexican descent must now be reevaluating which values they are defending as they watch their families being profiled and harassed across the state of Arizona.

President Obama, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, now is the time to keep your word and take action. Enough is enough! Stop the attacks against the descendants of all the native peoples of the Americas! We are all human beings.

President Obama, act now!
Si se puede!!!!!!

Traduccion by. Jorge Mariscal
Fernando Surez del Solar, Founder & Director
Guerrero Azteca Peace Project
PO Box 300221,Escondido, CA 92030-0221