by Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Steve Jobs are fucked!

The Chinese machine of copying electronic it doesn't sleep in the point. That the “gadgets stores” of world out they will be flooded soon with clones of the iPad in the most varied colors and formats nobody doubts. But the one that most didn't wait is that the first copies began to appear before even of the arrival of the original to the stores.

Found by the site Shanzai Ben and brought to the attention of the occident by the Cloned in China, the machine is based on a processor ARM no specified, turning 600 MHz, accompanied by 256 MB of RAM and between 1 and 64 GB of space, in agreement with the taste (and pocket) of the customer.

The clone has a small improvement in relation to the original: the screen of 10 inches has proportion widescreen (16:9) instead of 4:3, much more appropriate for reproduction of videos. The operating system is Android, but with an initial screen modified to the point of to be almost identical to the version of the used iPhone OS for Apple.

The "generic" iPad with screen of 10 inches it should arrive at the market (in China) in May, with dear price in US$ 150. Before that, in April, the unknown manufacturer intends to throw a model with screen of 7 inches, still without defined price.

Chinese invented the brush, the porcelain, the pasta and the gunpowder. But any western one pays copyrights for China. Then Chinese have right to copy the western products.

Original: PIRATiPad