Please! DO NOT BAIL out for-profiteers with our taxes !!!

by sidestepper Wednesday, Sep. 17, 2008 at 12:11 PM

A Letter to All our Government officials, openly sent requesting NO BAILOUTS !

Please DO NOT contribute any more of OUR dearly paid tax dollars to bail out or help out any of the financial corporations/companies [ or any securities, banks, freddies, mortgage, any private institutions ] -those that now claim "we didnt know" their own business or realize the results of their decisions.

The CEO's and all their management & consultants that got them into the messes they are in today are fully responsible - not for foretelling, or fortune-telling, but for making decisions and GAMBLING and then having lost. They improperly calculated. That is soley their problem to solve or repay what they did not 'earn' after all. That means not just their extraordinary salaries but all other benefits, bonuses, stocks, etc. They need to pay back a large portion of what they took falsely...not being able to manage their businesses after all.

Their corporate losses are the consequences of their business practices and their associations. Claiming they did "not know" what to do when the garbage fell out of their trucks is NOT an excuse nor allowable as a way to get money from OUR tax-paid-government-funds. If their whole set of schemes fall apart, that is what they get [not we, but the corporation, it's shareholders, and all who gambled and hoped "to gain only"]. For the actions, accounting, greed, and assumptions they had and made were insufficient or wrong.

It is not for the USA hard-working-and-diminished public to now fund Their businesses,

" THEY profit when they win, but We all have-to help when they fail". A poor and wrong practice that seems to be requested now, and is conveniently misused. And meanwhile no one helps the actual citizens who have no rescue operations when they face bankrupcy. Shareholders gambled when they purchased that stock. They need to do legal suits to recouperate their losses or suffer their mistaken purchase of stocks/bonds in fake and poorly run businesses. They gained before, they may lose some now. Such is real life. No welfare payments for big companies,
please !~!~!

Please let alll those who have profited before, now return some of what they happily took out. And wherever they stored [out of country too] their 'winnings' , they should return some or all of those gains, as it is not private wealth now - if they cannott pay their own business bills.

HOLD EVERYONE EQUALLY ACCOUNTABLE for their mistakes like adults, like the corporations are treated as "humans'...responsible for their actions [or collusions & collaborations]. Do not allow fake & stupid excuses be repeated = that the world will fall apart if USA govt doesnt help them pay their bills or give them cheaper credit... & 'there will be no more jobs' [scare tactics].... and "we will all suffer" for their greedy neglects & presumptions.

If some corporations and rating agencies have been lax - or fooled other corporations -that is between THEM, and not us poorer taxpayers.

To pay or bail out those who are now "unable to pay" or access their cash flow, because they were UNDER funded or miscalculated or had unusual accounting methods, that would be the Obvious signs of the CORRUPTION. Those actions show the strong connections between the big business world and our national civic government - the govt that is suppose to be made to represent all the individual 'little people' - who also can't pay their bills now. There are no saviors to help the ordinary people who have less and more to pay with soaring inflation and loss of decent employment.

Those who received special mortgage rates and had no proof of being able to pay up or did little or no downpayments also should NOT be given special treatment or payments - no refunds that come out of those 'renters of this USA' who did not act so greedily and stupidly either.

Those who hold hands [ and give each other pay-bail-outs] even in public - those who now want to help out 'their own' - and leave the rest of us - us being the majority of the USA population - to pay for their misdeeds and miscalculations, those who hold wealthy hands need to fail if they must - as their own consequence. Their actions. Their mistakes. Their greedy assumptions. Their taking advantage of the rest of us. Like Enron. Like others = big ones.

There will surely be serious 'unintended consequences' - to thinking that all the common folk are stupid and will accept these bail-out help-out corporation actions....not only in the upcoming elections, but in probably in terms of more non-tax payments, or learning to cheat from the 'higher-income ups', and the people turning away from having any trust in any form of government. No more. No more trust, no more cooperation.

DO NOT PAY FOR MISTAKES MADE BY PRIVATE, or semi-private companies or corporations with our taxes, our funds that you, our government, hold FOR US. Do not give the voting and watching public a reason to turn away from what has been a USA tradition of working 'together' for a better American Life. Once that trust in government and our nation has erroded, only more chaos, crime, disobedience, and other problems will surely surge.

Save us all by letting those who did not do their businesses 'right' - for any reason they claim [or make up to PR us with fake excuses] - learn from Their mistakes. Let them do whatever it takes for them to reform their methods and check their false assumptions that they will be saved by us, the taxpayers. No way.

Please share this with anyone else in any branch of USA or State or local govt.

Please respond that you have received this heartfelt and thought-through letter, so we dont have to further publicize our views in bigger media ways, which usually happens when we are individually ignored - or taken for granted as 'submissive dumbies'.

(c) sidestepper 2008