9/11,WTC,Tanya Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik, Naked Securities Fraud

by Tony Ryals Monday, Oct. 01, 2007 at 3:29 PM

Mr.Giuliani never even realised that supposed WTC survivor and activist Tania Head was a 9/11 fraud just like himself ! While Tanya Head practiced for many years at being a WTC survivor her leading rival in post 9/11 fame or infamy as the case may be,was Rudy Giuliani,an unpopular NYC Mayor who had made a miraculous post 9/11 comeback along with his police commissioner Bernie Kerrik. Rudy Giuliani so full of himself and determined to promote or 'pump' his rising Myth American status never really noticed the holes in Tania Head's tale of survival in the WTC perhaps because he was too busy covering up his own.

9/11,WTC,Tania Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik,Steve Forbes, Naked Securities Fraud

by Tony Ryals Sunday, Sep. 30, 2007 at 11:05 AM


Mr.Giuliani never even realised that supposed WTC survivor and activist Tania Head was a 9/11 fraud just like himself ! While Tanya Head practiced for many years at being a WTC survivor her leading rival in post 9/11 fame or infamy as the case may be,was Rudy Giuliani,an unpopular NYC Mayor who had made a miraculous post 9/11 comeback along with his police commissioner Bernie Kerrik. Rudy Giuliani so full of himself and determined to promote or 'pump' his rising Myth American status never really noticed the holes in Tania Head's tale of survival in the WTC perhaps because he was too busy covering up his own.

9/11,WTC,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik,Steve Forbes Naked Securities Fraud

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani once tried (unsuccessfully) to prosecute Adnan Khashoggi for fraud in connection with a real estate venture. Khashoggi accused Giuliani of grandstanding in order to get elected mayor of New York. Giuliani was New York City mayor on Sept. 11. - Six Degrees From Adnan Khashoggi - Slate

Where's the legendary Rudy Giuliani when you need him ? The myth of his success has all been mysteriously enough the results of his FAILURES ! He failed to bring Adnan Khashoggi or any other George Herbert Walker Bush and Iran Contra or Iraqgate connected criminals to justice or even get Ollie North for even one of his many penny stock scams !

And Adnan Khashoggi walked because Rudy Giuliani failed to convict him.

You can be sure that Rudy Giuliani and his Texas law partners did not write to the U.S. SEC or Securities Exchange Commission recently,(to comment on a regulation called 'SHO' )in order to ask for an end to Reg S or other SEC 'loopholes' that allow his penny stock clients and others to use anonymous offshore accounts to run illegal U.S. penny stock pumps and dumps with usually unaudited U.S. penny stock shares(and that are ideal instruments for money laundering as well).

Neither Rudy Giuliani or other members of his law firm wrote to the SEC to protest Adnan Kashoggi's,(who Rudy failed or succeeded in not convicting in Iran Contra related litigation in the 1980's),and Ramy El-Batrawi's GenesisIntermedia U.S. penny stock scam making a fraudulent claim of having its shares 'naked shorted' to distract from their own illegal activities and transactions with its worthless shares !

Nor about Giuliani's ex NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerrik's old pump and dump Taser and its false or fraudulent claim to the SEC and investors that their stocks were being 'naked shorted' as well as an excuse or a get out of SEC investigation free card played by an organized criminal group now headed by Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com called NCANS and before that NAANSS headed by Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union friend and founder named James Dale Davidson.

Funny that Steve Forbes should surround himself or find himself surrounded by common crooks or penny stock scam artists - of which Rudy Giuliani and his many penny stock clients and James Dale Davidson who even runs penny stock scams out of his and Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria, Virginia not far from Chairman Christopher 'Naked

Shorts' Cox's U.S. Securities Exchange Commission office from where he presides as a sort of master of ceremonies over all this fraud.

Although Rudy Giuliani's law firm prides itself in representing scammy investor unfriendly penny stock companies and white collar criminals for large fees , Rudy appears to have completely missed the role U.S.penny stocks played in 9/11 and the WTC tragedy !

Both ICTS International and Securacom - although capitalised by ultimately defrauded mainly American retail penny stock investors - were both chiefly foreign owned and controlled companies that guarded Lgan Airport,Dulles Airport,the WTC,etc.,on 9/11 ! In effect

those who Rudy Giuliani's law firm or lobbying firm would advocate for would keep in place the penny stock fraud that capitalised and brought us both the Israeli ICTS International that

'protected' Logan Airport on 9/11 but also the Marvin Bush,Wirt Walker III and Al Sabah Securacom that ripped off investors and

'protected' the WTC on 9/11 !

Mr.Giuliani never even realised that supposed WTC survivor and activist Tania Head was a 9/11 fraud just like himself ! While Tanya Head practiced for many years at being a WTC survivor her leading rival in post 9/11 fame or infamy as the case may be,was Rudy Giuliani,an unpopular NYC Mayor who had made a miraculous post 9/11 comeback along with his police commissioner Bernie Kerrik. Rudy Giuliani so full of himself and determined to promote or 'pump' his rising Myth American status never really noticed the holes in Tania Head's tale of survival in the WTC perhaps because he was too busy covering up his own.

Rudy should have known enough about penny stocks

to have NOT mistaken the Israeli connection to 9/11,Logan Airport near Boston Massachusetts and his city's now destroyed WTC building ! And Rudy should have been the first to have used his legal clout to close ICTS International run by a convicted Israeli and friend to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert named Menachem Atzmon that was and is a penny stock fraud and possible money laundering operation to this day ! And yet that company's stock has remained trading even on NASDAQ until only very recently ! It was defrauded American investors who were conned into buying ICTS International shares that allowed the incompetent and fraudulent Israelis to buy Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and the contract to guard Logan in the first place !

Meanwhile Securacom of the Kuwait American or better put Al Sabah Bush Company was another

'security' scam and penny stock pump and dump of the 1990's with Marvin Bush hid cousin Wirt Walker III and a member of Kuwait royal Al Sabah family on the board.They had the supposed jobs of guarding the WTC as well as Dulles and Reagan Airports on 9/11.

And this is the kind of 'business' Rudy Giuliani and his law firm are defending now by writing the U.S. SEC in favor of penny stock clients they directly or indirectly represent ! You will perhaps recall Rudy had the responsibility to prosecute Adnan Khashoggi over the years and always somehow blew it.Now paradoxically in writing to the SEC in favor or lobbying for the penny stock naked short claim criminals his firm is not only covering for the stock manipulators of Taser stun gun folks that gave his ex partner Bernie Kerrik so many shares to sale to or dump on investors but also paradoxically his law firm is covering up for Adnan Khashoggi and his old pal from Iraq Contra days Al Batrawi who also claim their clearly fraudulent pump and dump company GenesisIntermedia was also a victim of 'naked shorting' ! Both Bernie Kerik's pals at Taser and Adnan Khashoggi partner Al Batrawi have lied outright about being 'naked shorted' to cover up their own fraudulent manipulñation of both companies shares !

If Giuliani were to succeed to the White House he might go down as the biggest loser to arrive there yet and considering the rePUTAtion of of his would be predecessor George W Bush - that is saying something.But W Bush the loser and failure and destroyer - sort of,kind of inherited his royal position of Nero without a fiddle while Rudy Giuliani can say he earned his by the sheer heights of his own failures !

The WTC and New York terrorist attack of 9/11/01 was like Rudy Giuliani's falure to convict Adnan Khashoggi in the 1980's - among his greatest successes ! The New York Mayor's 9/11 celebrity status and national media publicity sent his national popularity rating 'to da moon' as they say in in penny stock tout or promotion land and on internet 'message' boards.

Yet how did Rudy Giuliani,an ex U.S. Attorney and politician for whom appearances are everything,not catch the inconsistancies in Tania Head's story of her survival at the very top of the WTC ON 9/11!? In fact how could not Merrill Lynch have spoken up long before now and said they had no employee by her name ? Or Stanford University where she claimed to have attended ? But Rudy took it all with a straight face and stiff upper lip - after all if he never noticed holes in Miss Tania Head's story as a WTC survivor - well - he surely knew her myths or lies aided and abetted his own.

Steve Forbes who has always wrapped himself in James Dale Davidson's National Taxpayers Union sd if it were the American flag has officially endorsed has endorsed yet another penny stock parasite for the U.S. presidency.

Below my response to Gary Weiss' criticism of Mark Cuban's ShareSleuth stock shorting website written by award winning business investigative reporter Chris Carey.I pick on Gary for the very fact he works for Steve Forbes' and NEVER sees forbes.con's use of its own pedestal to censor or ignore certain business news or angles of approaching that news that is also meant to mislead its own readers !:


And what prey tell does Forbes do that's any different or any better than ShareSleuth in its reporting besides not disclosing at all ? For example Forbes.com's seemingly free Cryptometrics promotion as the next up and coming 'biometrics' and world passport i.d. authorities - and come to find out they are either crooks or too stupid to be placing your passport in the hands of - who claim they and their JAGH partners are now being 'naked shorted'! Immediately after a transparent pump and dump !?

And then there are the Grin brothers, David,Eugene and Abraham and the Forbes article that made them appear as poor misunderstood

'businessmen' from the Ukraine rather than U.S. penny stock manipulators and probable money launderers,(with their Israeli ties and citizenship), they are !? The real story of the Grin brothers was never told by Forbes. Why ?

Also Forbes not Sharesleuth is the one that has gone on and on about the great 'naked shorting' crisis and poor Patrick Byrne's victimization by it.Why ?

Furthermore Forbes pal Rudolph Giuliani's Texas-New York law firm just wrote a letter to the U.S. SEC 'SHO' comments to further the cause of thesanitycheck folks et.al.. Why ?

So now Steve Forbes' personally endorsed presidential candidate is Rudy Giuliani ,(although Rudy , judging by his beng taken by Tania Head's WTC survival story,apparently doesn't know a WTC survivor or Merrill Lynch exec from a desperate houswife or lonely New Yorker or whatever ) - has just joined the chorus of esteemed lawyers(SEC Chairman Christopher Cox among them as well as Texas lawyers John O'Quinn,et.al.)to decry the evils of 'naked shorting' !

In doing so Giuliani has now sided with his supposed adversary Adnan Kashoggi as well as his old NYPD appointee Bernie Kerrick as well as his law firms many other penny stock clients who claim they are all victims of 'naked shorting' !Just like Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union founder James Davidson coincidentally.

And you're worried about Mark Cuban and ShareSleuth ? Ha Ha Hee Ho Ha Haa

And it appears Steve Forbes has surrounded himself from Davidson to Giuliani with sleazy U.S. penny stock con artists.Why ?

Tony Ryals


Mob Connected Giuliani:



Giuliani's father was a convicted hold-up man who served time in an upstate prison and was later employed as an enforcer for a Mafia loan shark operation. When the book was first released Giuliani denied and later admitted it was true. According to the book, a number of his other relatives were also in the Mafia besides the uncles who were firemen and police officers that he proudly refers to in public speeches.

PRIMARY RESOURCE: Rudy! An Investigative Biography by Wayne Barrett


Forbes Endorses Giuliani,Giuliani EndorsesForbes' Flat Tax



Giuliani EndorsesPenny Stocks..........


The Company He Keeps

Nathan Vardi 11.13.06

As a businessman, he's been mixing with a sketchier crowd......

Rudolph W. Giuliani sprinted through October as if he were running for national office.....

Giuliani is the closest thing in America to a mythic hero. His reputation was forged in the refiner's fire of Sept. 11, which burned away the dross of what had been a successful but contentious two terms as New York City's mayor, a guy who reduced crime, yet picked fights with squeegee men and jaywalkers. In the aftermath of the attacks Giuliani rose to become a transcendent figure of compassion and strength whose courage was acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth II, who gave him an honorary knighthood, and Time magazine, which made him its "Person of the Year" in 2001..............

Since leaving office in early 2002, Giuliani has been winning more than political capital. While battling prostate cancer (he won that war) and raising hell in a very public divorce (he is now married to Judith Nathan, his third wife), he has been banking millions of dollars a year...........

Giuliani Partners, a management consultancy that oversees Giuliani Security & Safety and Giuliani Capital, has nabbed tens of millions of dollars in contracts and deals.

There have been white-shoe clients. Giuliani Partners has advised the likes of insurer Aon (nyse: AOC - news - people ), CB Richard Ellis, the real estate services firm, and Entergy (nyse: ETR - news - people ), the giant New Orleans utility. Nextel Communications (nyse: S - news - people ) paid Giuliani Partners 1.2 million stock options with an exercise price of .50. The firm says it sold out at a profit, but before the shares rose to in August 2005, when Nextel was bought by Sprint. It also points to its work for U.S. Foodservice, helping the unit of the disgraced Dutch grocery chain Royal Ahold overcome its accounting and legal headaches.

But there have also been plenty of scuffed-shoe customers. Giuliani Partners and its units have repeatedly become entangled in petty deals that seem unworthy of someone with national aspirations. It has accepted fees from companies with over-the-counter penny stocks, made alliances that have gone nowhere or made little financial sense and engaged with businesses and individuals who have come under scrutiny by regulatory and law enforcement officials. Such associations are astonishing for this tough, Brooklyn-born prosecutor who nailed gangsters like Paul Castellano and white-collar felons like Marc Rich, Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. It's the sort of carelessness that suggests either poor judgment or inattention. "We do this very careful due diligence," says Hess. "We would never get involved in anything that is at all shady or risky or questionable."

............. One former executive, onetime NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, has been a conspicuous embarrassment. Kerik joined Giuliani Partners in 2002 and headed the security unit, then known as Giuliani-Kerik. President Bush in 2004 nominated Kerik to head up the Department of Homeland Security. Kerik withdrew his name on the pretext of having once hired a nanny who may have been an undocumented alien. He resigned and sold his shares of Giuliani-Kerik. In June Kerik pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, admitting that while he was a public official he accepted 5,000 in apartment renovations from a contractor. He also admitted that he failed to report a ,000 loan from a real estate developer and agreed to pay 1,000 in fines.

Still, Giuliani has continued to permit those closest to him to drag his name into potentially compromising situations. Example: the agreement with Lighting Science Group, a Dallas firm whose shares trade on the o-t-c bulletin board. The deal came to Giuliani last year through Roy W. Bailey, the former finance chairman of the Texas Republican Party and current Giuliani Partners managing director. "I have known Roy for 20 years," says Ronald Lusk, Lighting Science's chief, who agreed to pay Giuliani Capital, for help in raising money and finding clients, 0,000, plus a warrant to purchase 1.6 million shares at 60 cents.

Shares of the company, which proposes to finance LED (light-emitting diode) lights for parking garages, recently traded for 25 cents. Lighting Science and Giuliani Capital have also set up a joint venture to split whatever energy savings parking garages eke out on their utility bills from LEDs the company gives them gratis. This is the third incarnation of Lusk's enterprise (it lost 2,000 on 7,000 of revenue for the six months ending June 30): It started out as a nursing home operator, then morphed into a data management business that wound up in bankruptcy court in 2002 before finding new life in lights. "We like the technology," says Oesterle.

Friendship also dragged Giuliani into Command Security, another o-t-c bulletin board stock, which rents out security guards and lost 0,000 on million of revenue in the year ended Mar. 31. Bruce Galloway, Command's chairman and chief backer, also runs the million (assets) Galloway Capital Management in New York. To snag Giuliani, Galloway turned to a business associate, Richard Chwatt, co-owner of Jericho State Capital in Boca Raton, Fla. "Richard Chwatt's wife is very, very dear friends with [Rudy Giuliani's wife] Judith Nathan, and that's how we got the relationship," says Galloway. Not so, says, Giuliani's Hess: "The business, I do know, did not come about through the social relationship of the two women."

For a year's work--revising the employee manual, introducing new clients, having Giuliani host a breakfast at Manhattan's Yale Club--Giuliani Security & Safety will earn .1 million. Chwatt was rewarded for making the introduction: Jericho State Capital got ,000 and a warrant for 350,000 shares exercisable at (shares now trade for .60), and will receive ,500 a month and a warrant for 150,000 additional shares if the contract is renewed, which is "likely," says Galloway.


Below Taser makes fraudulent claim of having its shares 'naked shorted' which has become a euphemism among indiders and executives of scammy companies who have dumped and manipulated their own shares for personal gain and to defraud their own investors ! Bernie Kerrik alone dumped many Taser shares making millions of dollars fdrom his free shares given to him in hopes that his White Houde and Homeland Security Dept. connections would put a taser imn every U.S. soldier in Iraq's hands......irregardless of fact they didn't even have bullet proof vests !


September 18, 2006 Mr. James A. Brigagliano Acting Associate Director Office of Trading Practices & Processing Division of Market Regulation Securities and Exchange Commission 100 F St., N.W. Washington, DC 20549

RE: Proposed Amendments to Regulation SHO; File Number S7-12-06

Dear Mr. Brigagliano:

TASER International, Inc. submits the following comments in response to theCommission’s proposed amendments to Regulation SHO......

As one of the few companies included on the SHO threshold securities list almost continuously since the list’s inception, TASER International, Inc. (TASER) has struggled to protect our shareholders despite substantial evidence of market manipulation through abusive naked shorting......

By requiring the timely close-out of all failures to deliver in threshold securities and theoretically reducing the number of potential fails, Regulation SHO was intended to protect shareholders from abusive naked short transactions.

The Utah Example On May 26, 2006, the State of Utah enacted legislation requiring broker-dealers licensed in Utah to notify that state’s securities authority of failures to deliver on transactions involving shares of threshold-listed Utah securities. Settlement failures are required to be reported within 24 hours with substantial monetary penalties imposed on violators. The legislation is designed to shed light on failed transactions involving discreet trades and traders, allowing regulators and market participants to view the


Page 4

actions of serial abusers, assess their impact on market activities, and pursue appropriate corrective action. Without such visibility, market participants and regulatory overseers lack the information necessary to ensure fair and equitable trading. To ensure the proposed amendments to Regulation SHO achieve their desired effect, we encourage the Commission to broaden it proposal to require the prompt reporting of failed trades and the individuals involved in those transactions. We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the proposed amendments to Regulation SHO and commend the Commission on its efforts to protect our markets’ integrity and investors’ future.

Sincerely, Daniel Behrendt Douglas Klint

Chief Financial OfficerGeneral Counsel


David Patch who has touted or promoted numerous worthless penny stocks under numerous aliases on ragingbull.com as well as having his own fraudulent

website called investigatethesec has been involved both with James Dale Davidson (who Rudy Giuliani probably knows or could be introduced to pretty quick by their mutual friend Steve Forbes),as well as making the fraudulent 'naked short selling claim' to distract defrauded investors in his and James Dale Davidson's, et.al.'s illegal pumps and dumps that the SEC pretends not to notice !

And now Adnan Khashoggi's GenesisIntermedia,that Dave Patch of the supposed anti-naked shorting has also previously pitched as a victim of 'naked shorting',officially makes its own fraudulent claim through Adnan Khashoggi's 'go-fer' Ramy El- Bratrawi.

Adnan Khashoggi is very well connected with the Bush Regime,or crime family as I see them,including to Jeb Bush and his friend Wally Hilliard owner of Huffman Aviation where Mohamed Atta trained in Venice,Florida.A google search of 'hopsicker khashoggi' will display what Daniel Hopsicker has written about him and Wally Hilliard since 9/11.

So David Patch is in bed with Bush pal Adnan Khashoggi and Khashoggi's Iran-Contra days 'go-fer' Ramy El-Batrawi is going for the 'we been naked shorted' defense as Patch advised.Maybe Batrawi and Khashoggi should just adopt the 'twinky defense'.It worked for Dan White, didn't it ?

Oh yeah I told you this is a Beltway scam and Adnan Khashoggi is as Beltway in his connections as you can get.The Bushes have always used his arms dealing,drug trafficking and money laundering services and he is still connected behind the scenes.

GenesisIntermedia and Ramy El-Batrawi Attacked By Illegal Shorters and the SEC Fails to Take Action

http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/0609...f002a.html? .v=1

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- From mid 2000 till the end of 2001, GenesisIntermedia (OTC: GENI - News) and Ramy El-Batrawi attracted the attention of a group of aggressive short sellers intent upon artificially depressing GENI's stock price. These short sellers hoped to reap tremendous profits by shorting increasingly larger amounts of GENI stock without first borrowing it, an illegal practice commonly called "naked shorting", states Mr. El-Batrawi.

The SEC has been aware of naked short selling and has failed to adequately respond to investor and Company complaints alike. As a result of the lack of diligent enforcement of their own trading rules by the SEC, every private investor who owns common shares has had their financial integrity jeopardized.

Since the SEC has failed to take adequate counter measures to stop illegal short selling and trading, as with GENI, by members of the financial investment industry, there should be an independent examination by the United States Congress or Senate as to the reasons for their years of inaction.

The most pressing issue affecting the stock market is naked short selling. This is a cancer -- a malignancy that threatens popular faith in the integrity of the entire system.

The practice of defrauding investors by taking their money and refusing to deliver the product they paid for has many names. Some call it market manipulation, some call it naked short selling, others call it failing to deliver, still others refer to it as stock counterfeiting; many call it fraudulent stock trades.


Big Arms Smuggling Case Stalls, Tangled in Legal and Political Troubles


Published: July 17, 1988

......When the Iran-contra scandal emerged in the fall of 1986, Mr. Giuliani's office was in the unenviable position of having to justify its previous statement to defendants during discovery that it had found no documents relating to covert weapons transfers to Iran by the Administration. Mr. Giuliani's office took months to review the matter and inform the court in May 1987 that the prosecutors would proceed with the case, Mr. Young said................

Meanwhile, the prosecutor handling the case, Lorna G. Schofield, said she was leaving on June 30 to enter private practice. Mr. Giuliani asked for a 30-day adjournment to smoothe the transition to a new prosecutor. A new pretrial conference was scheduled for Aug. 4. A Question of Criminal Intent

Besides conspiracy, the defendants face charges relating to the filing of false documents with the Government to mask the real destination of the arms.

Should the case proceed to trial, the defendants are ready to capitalize on the Iran-contra scandal by contending that in selling arms to Iran, they relied on assurances that their activities were legal......

The defendants also contend they were unfairly pressured by an undercover Government informant to concede that their planned sale of arms was illegal. In taped transcripts, the defendants had insisted for months that their activities were legal.

The defendants say it was unfair to accuse them of smuggling billion in arms because the figure came not from them but from the Government's informer. They also contend that the Government unfairly prejudiced the case with its language about ''brokers of death'' and the sale of weapons to terrorists..................

Mr. Kuby said he thinks the fate of the case is tied to that of Oliver L. North, Richard Secord and other key players in the Administration's initiative who are on trial in Washington. In that sense, the case that began with such fireworks has become an uncertain sidelight to another drama.



October 22, 1988



LEAD: Ferdinand E. Marcos was indicted yesterday in a racketeering case that includes charges that he embezzled more than 0 million from the Philippine Government and used the money to buy three buildings in New York City............

The main racketeering charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

Indicted with Mr. Marcos were his wife, Imelda, and eight associates, including Adnan M. Khashoggi, a Saudi businessman and arms dealer.

Oct. 31 Arraignment

The Marcoses were ordered to appear for arraignment on Oct. 31 in Federal District Court in Manhattan, said Rudolph W. Giuliani, the United States Attorney in Manhattan. If they disobey the order, he said, they will be arrested ''like anyone else.'' ...

Mr. Marcos, who is 71 years old, and his wife, 59, are charged in the indictment with racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice.

The same charges also name five other defendants, including Mr. Khashoggi, 53, of Paris. He alone is also named in two other charges of obstructing justice.

Mr. Khashoggi, once described as one of the richest men in the world, owns the Triad Holding Corporation, an American holding company involved in Kenyan real estate. He also owns Asian hotels, Indonesian shipping, French fashions, Lebanese furniture, cattle raising in Arizona and an import company in the Philippines In 1986 it was revealed that he had brokered the United States-Iran arms deal that was at the heart of the Iran-contra scandal. Other Defendants Identified

Two defendants are Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., 67, a former Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican; his wife, Gliceria, 64, who was president of Rustans Department Store in the Philippines.........

Mr. Marcos was not charged under Federal bribery and theft statutes but rather under a broad racketeering statute that defines racketeering as a pattern of illegal activity that can include bribery or theft.

The statute, under the Racketeering-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO, has been used in several cases involving organized crime figures and business executives. Actions Said to Date to 1972



Published on Friday, December 10, 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle

Security Nominee got Rich on Tasers

Kerik's Relationship with Stun-Gun Firm Earned Him Millions

by Eric Lipton

WASHINGTON -- Just five years ago, Bernard Kerik was facing lawsuits from a condominium association and bank over delinquent payments owed on a modest New Jersey condo he then owned. Today, he is a multimillionaire, the result of a lucrative partnership with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and an even more profitable relationship with a stun-gun manufacturer.

If he is confirmed to the post of homeland security secretary for which he was nominated by President Bush last week, he will oversee an enormous department that does business with some of the companies that helped make him wealthy.

Steve Tuttle, director of communications for Taser International, Inc., holds the X26c stun gun Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004 at the company's headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz. The gun is offered to the general public for about ,000. The company's stock has soared but there are growing concerns about whether the stun guns are truly as non-lethal as advertised. (AP Photo/Tom Hood)

....it is the relationship Kerik has had since the spring of 2002 with Taser International, a Scottsdale, Ariz., manufacturer of stun guns, that has by far been the biggest source of his newfound wealth, earning him more than .2 million in pre-tax profits through stock options he was granted and then sold, mostly in the last month.

Kerik benefited largely because the company has enjoyed an extraordinary surge in its stock. Stock options that were worth very little at the time became extremely valuable, in part because of the sales pitch that Kerik made on the company's behalf to other police departments........................

In 2002, Taser International sought to significantly expand its sales to law enforcement agencies, and it needed a high-profile former public official who could serve as a spokesman for its product, said Smith. Kerik, he added, was the perfect candidate, having served as both corrections and police commissioner. Kerik's role working alongside Giuliani on Sept. 11, 2001,...........

From the moment he joined Taser's board in May 2002, Kerik became one of Taser's chief spokesmen before police officials.

Kerik also defended the guns against criticism that their use had contributed to the deaths of suspects who have been fired upon by police.

Amnesty International said there had been 74 Taser-related deaths in North America since 2001 and called for a suspension on the use of the device until its safety was further investigated. An Air Force laboratory that conducted research on the guns said last month that it could not determine whether they were safe, in contrast to statements from Taser that the laboratory had found its weapons generally safe and effective.

The Taser publicity campaign has been an enormous success. More than 6, 000 police departments and prisons today use Tasers, compared with only a handful five years ago, and Taser International's sales have climbed from .9 million in 2001 to about million this year.

© 2004 San Francisco Chronicle



By Aaron L. Task

Editor at Large

2/9/2007 12:55 PM EST

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Throw stocks into the mix and things can get downright weird.

Based on that underlying thesis, TheStreet.com will weigh in on the looming 2008 presidential campaign by evaluating the holdings and affiliations of the major presidential candidates, according to Stockpickr.com.

We begin with today's report on the portfolio of companies served by Giuliani Partners, the firm headed by former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani....

But Giuliani Partners' client base is chock-full of small-and micro-cap stocks like Applied DNA, one of many Giuliani Partners' clients that trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. Companies that trade on the so-called Pink Sheets are typically speculative in nature and often unable to meet listing requirements for the major exchanges.



By Aaron L. Task

Editor at Large

2/9/2007 12:55 PM EST

Click here for more stories by Aaron L. Task

Other bulletin board stocks Giuliani Partners has advised include Lagrangeville, N.Y.-based Command Security (CMMD - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating), which provides security, aviation and support security services to U.S.-based private and governmental clients.

Command Security paid Giuliani Security & Safety LLC, a unit of Giuliani Partners, 5,000 a month plus expenses in 2005, according to SeekingAlpha.com. Command Security paid a third company, Jericho State Capital, a monthly fee of ,000 for making the introduction to Giuliani Security.

In addition, Jericho received warrants to purchase 350,000 shares of Command Security stock at , which vested immediately, as well as an additional 150,000 shares if the agreement with Giuliani Security was extended another 12 months, according to a February 2006 SEC Filing.

For the six months ended Sept. 30, Command Security paid Giuliani Security more than million related to its "consulting agreement," according to a 10-Q filing in mid-November, the company's most recent regulatory filing.

Another bulletin board name, Dallas-based Lighting Sciences (LGSP - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr), entered into a similar warrants-laden transaction in February 2005 with Giuliani Capital Advisors, a boutique investment bank and the largest unit of Giuliani Partners.

In exchange for financial advisory services, the company paid Giuliani Capital a 0,000 one-time fee, gave it 20% ownership of a planned joint venture to own light poles and related infrastructure, and issued warrants to purchase up to 1.65 million shares at 60 cents per share, exercisable at any time during the ensuring five years. The shares represented 3.2% of Lightning Sciences' outstanding float at the time, according to the firm's 8-K filing.



Aaron L. Task is editor at large of TheStreet.com. In keeping with TSC's editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, although he owns stock in TheStreet.com. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. He appreciates your feedback; click here to send him an email.

Checking Giuliani's Ties

Page 4

Argyle Security Acquisition (ARGL - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) of San Antonio is a so-called blank check company that went public with the express purposes of buying other companies, in this case those in building security. Argyle has the distinction of being a homeland security play that, by having retired Gen. Wesley Clark as a director, hits the security industry's version of the daily double. The running joke among homeland security investors is that smaller companies "either put General (and former presidential candidate) Wesley Clark on their board or get a consulting agreement with Giuliani Partners," says Altucher.

Argyle Security has done both: Clark sits on the board and owns more than 70,000 shares, while Giuliani Partners served as financial adviser on Argyle's December acquisition of San Antonio-based ISI Detention Contracting Group, one of the nation's largest providers of detention equipment products and service solutions.

Giuliani Partners' fee for its advisory role will not be disclosed until the company submits its S4 filling with the SEC. That could come as early as next week, says Bob Marbut, Argyle Security's chairman and co-CEO, who generally praised Giuliani Partners and expects to use the firm's services for future transactions.

Giuliani Partners offered the "full range of advisory services plus their knowledge of the industry and [its] players," Marbut says, citing the particular expertise of Paul Talley and Walter Bailey, who joined Giuliani Partners in April 2006 as co-heads of security and defense investment banking. "Their knowledge and Rudy's capabilities we thought was a winning combination."


Checking Giuliani's Ties

Page 5

Representatives of Ecosphere, Command Security and Lightning Sciences did not return calls seeking comment.

Positioning for the Race

Giuliani Partners is dedicated to "crisis management" and thus "by definition is involved with stuff outside the usual circles," says Barry Ritholtz, chief investment officer of Ritholtz Capital Partners and a RealMoney.com contributor.

Furthermore, the firm's focus fits with candidate Giuliani's posture as being strong on national security and homeland defense, a reputation earned, of course, during his leadership amid the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and aftermath. "Proactive anti-terror technology is consistent with his image vs. [traditional] venture capital investment made for financial reasons," Ritholtz says.

Indeed, Giuliani Partners' Web site features sections on such lofty goals as integrity, optimism, courage, preparation, communication and accountability. "It's a site geared toward a presidential campaign. There's nothing important to investors," Ritholtz observes.

It's almost as if making money is somehow beneath the firm -- almost.

Earlier this week, Giuliani filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission that makes a presidential bid a near certainty. But by not formally declaring his candidacy, Giuliani put off having to submit a personal financial disclosure form. If Giuliani formally declares his candidacy between now and May 15, he will have to file a personal financial disclosure statement by May 15, according to The New York Times. If he declares between May 15 and Dec. 30, he must file the statement within 30 days of the declaration date.


Checking Giuliani's Ties

Page 6

At least some aspect of Giuliani's business ventures have been reported. Giuliani Capital Advisors is reportedly for sale and could fetch million to 0 million after generating about million of revenue a month in 2005, according to The New York Times

Giuliani's investment bank unit has been paid more than million in fees for consulting on the bankruptcies of US Airways, Aloha Air and Delta Airlines, according to the Chicago Tribune, which further reports Giuliani's law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani had lobbying income of .8 million in 2005.

Rather than looking at what companies can do for him and his capital, Giuliani seems to be able to profit from what he can do for firms, especially those on the fringe who are willing to pay to be associated with "America's mayor."

Giuliani "has so much credibility as 'Rudy' he can represent people that [others] will find off-putting -- clients who pay him a lot of money to do things that aren't attractive." says one Manhattan-based lawyer. "I consider my personal credibility important. He doesn't have to do that" because his reputation is so high among the general public.

The attorney, who requested anonymity because he has opposed Giuliani in prior court cases and may do so again in the future, took pains to compliment Giuliani. He's a "very fine lawyer and a bright guy" who has some "very sharp people" working for him, the lawyer says. "Whether or not he picks clients that will help his political career, I have no doubt."

But what may be good politics looks like a poor road map for would-be investors.


Julian Rainero, Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP


Giuliani Law Firm Offers Texas Foothold as 2008 Decision Looms

By Thom Weidlich

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Rudolph Giuliani's alliance with a Texas law firm may help the former New York mayor gain regional appeal and cash as he prepares for a possible Republican campaign for president.

It has been almost two years since the ex-federal prosecutor said he was opening a New York office for Houston-based Bracewell & Patterson, known for its energy work and political ties. The renamed Bracewell & Giuliani got a New York foothold while Giuliani gained Texas connections.

``Usually when a law firm changes its name, no one knows who these people are,'' says University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray. ``But Giuliani has 100 percent name recognition among business people.''

Giuliani, who built his reputation by taking on the mob as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has assembled a Manhattan practice of 32 corporate lawyers and litigators. They've helped bring clients that include hedge funds such as D.E. Shaw & Co. and investment banks such as Bank of New York Co. -- a widening Wall Street base that may also hold political value.........................

``My decision to join Bracewell in 2005 was based upon my desire to be involved with a high-quality law firm,'' Giuliani says. ``I was impressed with the firm's culture, vision and the caliber of the practice.

``My decision was based on this, not politics.''

David Hill, a Republican polling consultant based in The Woodlands, Texas, says the firm has always had politically connected partners. Bush, as governor, appointed Oxford to the University of Texas Board of Regents in 1997.

Bracewell has its own Washington-based political action committee, Bracepac, which gave 8,206 to Republican and Democratic candidates in the 2005-2006 election cycle, the FEC database shows.


Bracewell's new identity may help Giuliani in Texas.

``I think Giuliani needed a foothold to demonstrate that he's credible,'' says Robert Stein, a political scientist at Rice University in Houston, who has done work for the firm in cases involving school districts.... The firm's existing Houston-based clients include El Paso Corp., owner of the largest U.S. network of natural gas pipelines; Reliant Energy Inc., the second-largest Texas power seller; and Seitel Inc., which provides seismic data to the oil and gas industry, the firm says..................

The firm's Texas and Washington partners recently advised Banco Santander in its agreement to acquire 90 percent of Dallas- based Drive Financial Services LP from that firm's management and HBOS Plc, the U.K.'s biggest mortgage lender, for 0.7 million.

Bracewell & Giuliani advises MatlinPatterson on its Brazilian affiliate's pending acquisition of bankrupt airline Varig.

Key Hires

The firm also represents funds, including Citadel, that hold bank debt in Adelphia Communications Corp.'s bankruptcy.

It counseled D.E. Shaw and Xerion Capital Partners LLC in their bid to acquire Oneida Ltd., the 126-year-old flatware maker based in Oneida, New York. The funds withdrew their bids and Oneida exited bankruptcy protection in August.

Giuliani last year made what he says were three important hires to boost the corporate business.

Mark Palmer, 41, who leads the corporate practice, joined in May from the New York office of London-based Linklaters, where he headed that firm's U.S. corporate practice.

David Albalah, 43, joined in July from the New York office of Chicago's McDermott Will & Emery to lead the bankruptcy group.

``Joining a 60-year-old firm with a national platform, coupled with a brand-new office growing in the Big Apple with `America's Mayor' -- it was not a typical opportunity,'' Albalah says.

Julian Rainero, 34, joined from the New York branch of Boston's Bingham McCutchen to head a broker/dealer practice.

Rainero, who brought with him such clients as Bank of New York, Fidelity Investments, Societe Generale and Instinet Group Inc., says the corporate practice is ``focused on the New York investment banks and the private-equity players here.''

``Too many people focus on bankruptcy, litigation and other areas instead of becoming expert in what the investment banks and PE people do,'' he says, referring to private equity firms...........

Giuliani Partners, where he is chairman and chief executive officer, has worked with wireless telephone company Nextel Communications Inc. to improve public safety communications and with drugmaker Purdue Pharma LP to curb prescription drug abuse.

``I think joining the firm added to Giuliani Inc., which is now a brand name,'' Reed says of the Bracewell partnership. ``He has had the Midas touch when it comes to business development.''

To contact the reporter on this story: Thom Weidlich in New York at tweidlich@bloomberg.net .

Last Updated: January 30, 2007 00:08 EST


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