Federal Officials Silencing Organized Movemet In Alabama, Endentured Servitude and Slavery

by Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007 at 4:48 AM
saintvechter@yahoo.com USA -- A Nightmare State

The USA federal government is on its war path. Let us snatch the hood from the technological monster and expose it, and let the people slit its throat or throats. I have a video demanding an end to endentured Servitude

video: windows media at 2.1 mebibytes

My name is Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, we are in a war in the USA with the regime in power and their liars on the media. I have a video reposted here demanding an end to endentured servitude in Alabama.

The video was on New Orleans Indymedia but has been lost. I am going to the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting gate if I can get a cameraman for Tuesday, February 27, 2007. My craigslist ad was destroyed by the federal dictatorship and our enemies in power locally. The LA VA Westwood did forced injections on me for my videos of the corrupt and terminated Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama and my past employer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco. Let us applaud when the Senators and Presidents and foreign supporters of the ruling dictatorship are beheaded or destroyed. They may be technological mirages in some instances and we may have to reach to other parts of the world or into space to destroy our true enemies. We can start at home though. Here is the lost Craigslist post and the video from the Baldwin County Government in Alabama demanding an end to endentured servitude is posted here. Someone followed me from the room with a knife and threatened me. I want them and it dead. Never again serve the regime.

If you want to hold the camera for me, you can contact saintvechter@yahoo.com

Daily Foreword February 24, 2007: 0 to 00 U.S. offered to a camera person for 30 minutes work in Mobile, Alabama. Job could be hazardous to myself, auditor Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone as I attempt to enter the corrupt and closed federally protected lie of a government, the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting on February 27, 2007. Here is the link to the deleted post ad on Craigslist that was deleted by the terrorist regime in power in the USA. I have reposted it below. If you want to work as my camera man, contact me at saintvechter@yahoo.com .

I have reposted it also for posterity on the Love Line II page of this site and below. The regime is an insane warlord. Remember Vietnam and remember, our nation is not ours. We have been overtaken. We must retake the government through force. Negotiations are over. Here is the post, reiterated here.

My name is Kurt Brown, stage name Saint Ram Bone. I have been illegally denied access to Mobile Alabama City Council meeting in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. The corrupt and contemptible war crimes governmental city council meeting in Mobile Alabama with their federal warlord and murderous protection syndicate is soon to meet me once again, one way or another.

I have been beaten and arrested for trying to enter the city council meeting on one occassion and on numerous occassions I was demanded out of the building. I have a gig for you if you can hold a camera and have courage.

The pay is 0 for approximately 15 minutes work. You have to hold the camera, a digital camcorder and record the response by the guards and my demands to enter the city council meeting in my native city of Mobile Alabama and their city council meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 10:30 a.m.

You will have to sign an agreement to return the camera and the video tape to me after I am bailed out of jail or released from the hospital. If I am killed, you will receive ,000 and have to hand the tape over to the designated people that I appoint to release the video.

I was a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and my act of civil disobedience under the Warlord regime was that I reported criminals, murderers and money launderers at the California FDIC in Sacramento and San Francisco in 2000 and 2001 and I reported the now terminated Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as being a food funds thief. An attempt was made on my life in 2001 by those associated with the FDIC and the National Treasury Employees Union. Money launderers from the casinos of the USA need a place to launder their money. 98-percent of Casino gambling revenues are considered taxes, and the urge to take unreported funds from the gambling revenues is too great. The FDIC and likely the Treasury are their entry points and honest men have been killed to stop this practice. The NTEU is their strong arm. The Mobile Alabama City Council and their federal protectorate of international war criminals has denied my entry, and that is a felony violation of their Open Meetings Law.

If you are afraid of the enemy in power in the United States, you should not take this high paying and likely lucrative position. You can find my entire story on this matter at Mobile Audit Club.

The Regime is a federal terrorist dictatorship. They gave us Vietnam, the deaths of many innocent people. They gave us the closed door governments that have reigned supreme during our lifetimes and now they are forcibly injecting people in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico under their Chapter 36 law, calling them crazy if they pose a threat to our enemies in power. They are forcibly injecting veterans under their federally approved terror against us for raising our voices and reporting crimes and dangers in government and society. Their atrocities need to be challenged. If we can not win, we should die trying.

The pay is 0. If you are arrested for holding the camera, the pay is 00 and your bail will be posted and your legal fees paid. A signed agreement will be made. The regime in power in the USA is our enemy. Let us pray their abusive warlord and closed door dictatorship is crushed. They are not what they appear. Do not trust your eyes in this era of high technology.

Contact me by email immediately if you are up to this challenge.

Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

Here is a link of my being turned away in 2005 from the Mobile Alabama City Council gate in direct violation of our enemy judge "McMaken's" orders to allow me in to the meeting lobby. I am holding the camera in the video.


In this artistic video, I was holding the camera in both scenes. One was in San Francisco and another was in Mobile. In San Francisco I was witness to one of the many attempted street robberies. In Mobile I was about to be beaten and arrested for raising my voice and they tried to break my neck while I was on the ground protecting my camera. I hope some snipers shoot anyone who harms me this time around.


Here is the link to the Home Page of the site Mobile Audit Club

If I am not allowed into their corrupt government, I will not stay in the United States and I will ally with anyone who challenges the illegal closed door regime and who has the technology and resources to remove the heads of their leaders, regardless of what snake hole the current ruling warlord regime resides.


The Mobile Alabama City Council is a terrorist and their humane decency is a lie and a facade. They are no better than any war criminal in history. The fat cats of the federal government are now supporting this lie and many are just as criminal in their actions. Let us stop their wars around the world and let us deal with our enemy on the dieing American soils.

If I am killed, I want a bloodbath of their or its government, even if it is fought in space and in other nations. In this video in 2006, I was followed from the Baldwin County Alabama County Commission Government meeting by someone with a knife. He threatened me with a sniper if I walked out of the building. The federal "IT" factor was waiting. I did not get a picture of the knife wielder. He followed me from the meeting after I had put my camera away.

DO NOT TURN THE CAMERA OFF UNTIL THE TAPE HAS RUN OUT. LET IT RUN WHEN YOU LEAVE OUR ENEMIES DOMAIN, THE MOBILE ALABAMA GOVERNMENT BUILDING AND THEIR CLOSED DOOR DICTATORSHIP. LET IT RUN AS YOU EITHER DELIVER THE TAPE OR GO TO YOUR HOME AND AWAIT FOR ME TO MAKE BAIL AND PICK IT UP. Also, make yourself a reporter's badge and type Indymedia on it before filming in their lobby. You have to be a reporter to have a camera there according to the fascist dictatorships errand boy cops.


We are no longer a nation. They are at war with us.

If you feel the pay is too low, email me at the link on this ad and we can discuss copyright and likely monetary adjustments. Overthrow the regime. Make that your job.

Original: Federal Officials Silencing Organized Movemet In Alabama, Endentured Servitude and Slavery