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by small WORLD Podcast Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2006 at 10:43 PM 1-619-377-0538

Interview with Ben Popken, editor of The Consumerist, a website that lampoons corporations and consumers.

The Consumerist inte...
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This episode is not work safe.

Interview with Ben Popken, editor of The Consumerist.

We discuss my interview with a credit card scammer; what The Consumerist is about; how The consumerist began; Gawker Media Network’s Nick Denton; Hungarian supermarkets; Gizmodo’s former editor, Joel Johnson; Gawker, Gizmodo Lifehacker, Screenhead, Sploid, Jalopnik, Wonkette, Fleshbot and Deadspin; how he became the editor for The Consumerist; The Spunker; what his duties for The Consumerist are; associate editor John Brownlee; recent problems with The Consumerist website; Digg; recent posts on The Consumerist; why posting comments at The Consumerist is by invitation only; people who post interesting and memorable comments; advertisements that appear on The Consumerist website; his own tales of consumerism; how shopping has changed for him; top five things consumers should know that he has learned from being the editor for The Consumerist; writing radio plays.

Also in today’s show is Ben Popken’s radio play, “Block Block the Hopsy Topsy Brown Bunny and the Forest of Doom.”

Featured song is “Kissed Awake” by Cordalene.

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