Between Half-million and One Million People Protest against Anti-Immigrant Law

by Marcus Sunday, Mar. 26, 2006 at 8:46 PM

Between Half-million...
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9:15 AM Full to capacity just after Fairfax, Metro bus 33 is not stopping any more until Downtown LA leaving between 15 to 30 people wearing white at each bus stops.

10 AM, 5th and Broadway, The March has started with the crowd compact as shown in the first picture. That kind of density will fade only at 1:27 PM. The pace is slow.

10:21 AM So far we haven't seen any media or police helicoter.

10:30 AM The first helicopter just showed up. We cannot tell if this is a police helicopter or an helicopter from the media.

11:13 AM There are now 2 helicoters over our heads. We still cannot tell if those are police or media helicopters. (When the War started in March 2003, 4 media helicopters showed up to follow about 100 protesters in Westwood).
Those 2 helicopters will stay with us until the end.

1:27 PM At this point the crowd become less dense. I can see the end of the march from my position on the second story of a building at 5th and Broadway.


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