Minutemen Protest (1 of 3)

by 1Planet1People Friday, May. 27, 2005 at 1:17 PM

The Garden Gove Police Department conducted themselves in ways that were expected. They protected the racists, and attacked the people.

Minutemen Protest (1...
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The Rally against the Minutemen and the Save Our State group had its high and low points. There was of course the mad man that drove into the crowd, hitting a few people including the Executive Director of the LA Legal Guild (I would hate to be that driver), and the police attacking the crowd for no reason (thank you to all the video activists on the ground as we have the evidence against them), as the low points. In a lighter light though, the Minute Men and Save Our State now know that any time the are in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, they will always face opposition. Now for my picture by picture account of the events of the night. Before I get started, I want people to know what SOS is saying in regards to the lunatic driver, "Last Great Hope Posted: May 25 2005, 09:49 PM, "Of course the protesters initiated the incident. These lowlifes have shown time and time they aren't civil beings. They act like animals in situations like this. These are not intelligent people we are dealing with. This is Third World riff-raff with a racist chip on their shoulers and a huge inferiority complex. These people have failed at everything they've ever done and hate White America for it. If they got run over I am sure they asked for it. No tears for idiots. After Baldwin Park, I will never look at these people the same way again (to quote a friend who was there with me). Consider it payback for Dottie being attacked you scumbags." This demonstrates that they are not non-violent as they have claimed in the past, and that they are advocating violence. Though many of the people on our side have stated that we were against the act in Baldwin Park in regards to the bottle, their attitudes, actions, and disregard for human life is likely to upset a lot of people at future protests. My guess is that it will be a rally call to activists and our side will continue to grow in numbers.