a sampling of this week's U.S. military rape headlines....

by the noticer Monday, Feb. 09, 2004 at 3:20 AM

around the world with the Stars and Stripes.... a few of the latest confirmed rapes, alleged rapes, attempted rapes, indecent assault, sodomy, "torture" photos, etc.. in Australia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Okinawa etc.... oh google news searches make it so easy to compile this stuff....

a sampling of this w...
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1) Sunday February 8, 2004 7:01 AM

DARWIN, Australia (Guardian) - Police have arrested three U.S. Navy personnel on charges of raping two women in the northern city of Darwin while on shore leave, authorities said Sunday....
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2) Saturday Feb. 7, 2004

(IslamOnline.net)....in the Central Command region -- which includes Iraq, Kuwait, the Horn of Africa, and Central Asia including Afghanistan -- military officials had received reports in the past year of 88 cases of "sexual misconduct"....

The Pentagon did not give details of the individual cases, but said sexual assault may include rape, attempted rape, indecent assault and sodomy.

In Iraq, many civilians have charged that the U.S. occupation forces helped undermine morality in the country by spreading vicious acts, including sex trade and drug dealing since they rolled into Baghdad on April9 .

On May30 , a British soldier was questioned over sickening "torture" photos of Iraqi prisoners, including an Iraqi PoW dangling from a fork-lift truck, and others depict soldiers committing sex acts near captured Iraqis....
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3) 1/29/04

(Stars and Stripes) ....Yamane said Nakamine claimed the man, whom she later identified as [U.S. Marine Major] Brown, tried to remove her clothes and force her to perform a sex act before she was able to struggle free and run from the car. She said Nakamine bore the marks of a struggle.

“When I examined her physical condition, I noticed red spots on both arms, from being pressed hard,” Yamane said. “A similar red spot was also observed on the nape of her neck. I saw them very clearly.”

The police officer said the bar hostess told her, “‘I was almost raped, I was almost killed, my feet are shaking...."
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