Call White House-tell them "NO!" to Additional Billion in Aid to Israel

by Responsible Citizen Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003 at 8:41 AM

Call White House-tell them "NO!" to Additional Billion in Aid to Israel

State Budget Crisis and US additional aid to Israel
Israel has a delegation which includes a war criminal in Washington DC to ask for more money to prop-up the Israeli military machine in its war against the people of Palestine.  We ask you to take action to insure this request is not approved as we believe the funds are needed here at home and US additional support  for Israeli oppressive policies harms US interests. Below are talking points and action items requested.

Resources/Talking Points:

1) States need to make up some 70 Billion in budget shortfalls this year.  Meanwhile Israel, the size of Maryland, already receives several billion dollars per year in direct and indirect aid.  Most of this aid is military and helps oppress the Palestinians and thus harm US interests and reputation abroad. Democratic proposals call for only Billion to help the states, Bush and republican proposals call for no additional aid to the states.  This while the US population is 50 times more than Israel and the money from the US population gives this foreign country more than we give the whole continent of Africa. See "Lid Put on Domestic Spending"

2) Israel is now asking for Billion MORE in direct cash aid and 8 billion in loan guarantees.  See "U.S. Hears Israel's Plea for Billions in Arms Aid"
3) The US government asked the Israeli government to keep such requests "low key" and away from public scrutiny. See "US Urges Israel to Keep Low Profile on Aid Talks"

4) The Cost of Israel to the American Public (US Aid to Israel/Foreign aid) has been staggering over the years: (search here for foreign aid)
1) Call the White House every day and make your points clear: no aid to Israel.  The number is 202-456-1111

2) Write to elected and other officials.  Use this handy link:
3) Write to the media to alert the American Public. 
Letters to editor (150-200 words) or Op-Eds (600-800 words) are excellent ways to reach the American public.  You can use these links for contact info and hints on writing and working with the media:
Citizens for Fair Legislation is a grassroots organization committed to encouraging a fair domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on the Arab and Muslim world.

CFL- Citizens for Fair Legislation
to join:

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition is the largest network of grassroots activists dedicated to Palestinian human rights.

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