pbnberkeley news notice - 12/29/02

by illegal alien Monday, Dec. 30, 2002 at 1:51 PM

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Dear pbnberkeley news readers in the southland area;

i have posted the following newsletter and will be posting the details on
the Saturday, January 11th anti-war rally happening in Los Angeles soon

If you are interested, please check back. i should have it posted by 3pm
today, pacific standard time. There is also an urgent need for volunteers
who live in the Los Angeles area to hand out flyers from now until the event.

Volunteers are needed especially for Venice Beach and the Santa Monica
promenade this next weekend as there will be tons of 'progressive' shoppers
out there who don't have a clue about either the Jan. 11th nor the Jan. 18th event. Grassroots volunteers, send me an email if you would like to hand out
flyers OR wait until i put the Jan 11th details out later this afternoon.

john vance, editor (newsletter info is below!!)




1...Global Exchange Bay Area Calendar of Events
2...U.S. Navy announces date of bombing exercises on Vieques island
3...Boycott Bay Area Rapid Transit Petition
4...Why Not Train Israelis in the Art of Decolonization?
5...The gift of sight!
7...Trident Plowshares
8...A Week of Resistance for Justice and Peace...
9...Change Links Progressive Newspaper
10..A Message from Dr. Stephen Greer, the Disclosure Project
11..$$$$$ MAGIC & MONEY $$$$$$ - Santa Cruz
12..Report From Cairo Conference: Solidarity with Palestine & Iraq
14..The Real Deal: RJR Takeover Wars --- The Next Episode
15..Change Links Progressive Newspaper #2
16..Blue Triangle Network Opposes Mass Detentions

peace with justice for all,
Abridging my civil liberties is an 'act of terrorism'!
There's a terrorist behind every BUSH!

john vance, editor
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