The Reality of Manifesting a World of Trust

by David Arthur Johnston Saturday, Dec. 28, 2002 at 2:15 PM


Honour (A.K.A. God) demands that all support be pulled from pride- if this means non-compliance with an infrastructure that contents itself with pride then so be it- for there is NO innocence in pride and without innocence there cannot be happiness... so, truly, PREPARE TO BE HOUSELESS (and start considering the fact that houselessness need not be equated with destitution).

You CANNOT have your cake and eat it too- you cannot be virtuous and contented with ill virtue at the same time (as far as addictions go- we forgive our waivering and know that strength will be found in love)...

If you want happiness deduce it's source and know that virtue is real and based on practicality to love (which IS static).

Know that everyone, including yourself, does not now, nor never has, nor will have the right to be proud--- that pride has never been a right and that it is thinking that it is is the exact and only reason why suffering exists.

Maturity IS a virtue trip. If you would be righteous do not comply with corruption (which IS pride) unto houselessness, unto death; and know that, truly, the inspiration born of love will see the actuality of a world of trust.

Before one can love a thing one must know love.

If you are impatient just wait longer and know that frustration is a false motivator--- AKA if you are going to do something do it perfectly.

in love, and all of it's fruits (courage, strength, wisdom, innocence, patience, forgiveness, joy, etc...),



who is you

who IS love