by wake the fuck up Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2002 at 8:26 PM

Why the fuck isn't Indymedia covering a possible imminent coup in Venezuela?

Why the hell aren't you Indymedia idiots covering the possible coup in Venezuela? Even Hugo Chavez himself has warned about an imminent coup, yet Indymedia jackasses continue to ignore the issue.

Even a leading mouthpiece of the American "free press" such as the Washington Post has been desperately hoping and calling for American intervention in Venezuela--all to "prevent instability" of course.

And here is a post on the Indymedia newswire warning about an imminent coup attempt tonight (12-9-02). At the very least, it deserves investigation.

It is Indymedia 'activists' that are forever running their mouth about promoting "grassroots democracy" yet you ignore the issue when grassroots democracy is currently being threatened in Venezuela by the capitalist oligarchy--and their American backers.

I wonder why Indymedia is ignoring this issue. Is it because you are afraid to admit that the Bush Regime and America are behind this obvious destabilization campaign--just as they had a hand in the original coup attempt in April 2002. History is repeating itself, and the coup plotters are getting more desperate. The strikes, protests, and now made to order shootings all designed to create instability and justify a violent and antidemocratic regime change.

Are you ignoring Venezuela because you have been distracted by the impending American attack on Iraq? In case you hadn't figured out yet, American formented coups/regime changes over the entire world are all part of a broader militaristic program. These coup attempts are motivated by a desire to expand the power of the American World Empire in general and colonize/steal oil resources in particular.

If you in Indymedia wait until the coup in Venezuela happens, it will be too damn late. Is that what you want?

Get the word out about a Coup Danger in Venezuela now, before it is too late.