Ariel Sharon Is the World's Greatest Anti-Semite.

by Lloyd Hart Friday, Nov. 29, 2002 at 7:04 PM

I say their is no greater group of anti semitic people in the world than the Lakud Terrorist group and their leader Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon Is the World's Greatest Anti-Semite.

By Lloyd hart

Ariel Sharon in his Press conference today claimed that the terrorists only goal is to kill Jews and that their attack is timed to derail democracy in Israel. I say their is no greater group of anti semitic people in the world than the Lakud Terrorist group and their leader Ariel Sharon. Ariel Sharon and the Lakud terrorist group have in the last few years done more damage to the Jewish community world wide and the mainstream institutions that the Jewish community have established than all of the attacks against Israelis combined since the establishment of the so-called Jewish State.

And here is the crux, Israel is a state, not a synagogue. The attacks against Israelis are not attacks against Jews, they are attacks against Israelis. The oppression of the Palestinian People by the Israelis is not perpetrated by Jews but by Israelis and I might add on behalf of their master the US. I contend that there is not one Jew in the Lakud Party or for that matter, in any of the Israeli sponsored settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In fact I say these people are lost souls who have joined with the number one abuser of Jews through out history, the white imperialists in an unconscious act to hasten the destruction of the Jewish people. Like the abused child or wife that defends the physically abusive father or husband, the Israelis have become a tool of white imperialism in the Middle East and the destruction of the Jewish People.

To be Jewish is to join with a faith rich in it's practice of respect and love of others and to teach us of the beauty of this world. Judaism is not a race or a nationalist cause. It is a beautiful faith that is being trashed those that claim an attack on Israel is an attack on the Jewish people as a whole. Israel is merely the foot print of white imperialism in the Middle East and therefore has no great significance to the Jewish People. In fact the only reason white imperialists went along with the formation of the state of Israel was to build up a western sponsored military threat to the oil rich Arab states in the region, that has paid off richly. Why else would the US give Israel nuclear weapons but to heighten the threat against the oil rich Arab states. To suggest that the white imperialists have been behaving out of some kind of integral guilt complex as a result of the genocide they committed against the Jews in world war II is just absurd.

The genocide against the Jews in world war two was perpetrated by these very same white imperialists. They backed the rise of Hitler and even aided in the finding of the Jews they wanted to destroy. IBM found and counted the Jews for Hitler otherwise it would have taken twenty years to do to what they did in just couple. Prescot Bush, George Bush's grandfather was the main conduit of armament mettles and millions of dollars other resources to Hitler in the thirties and right up until the end of 1942. Henry Ford, John D. Rockafeller Jr. and the entire white imperialist establishment that just finished committing mass genocide against the Native Americans turned their paranoid attentions toward the Jews and the unpenetrable European cultural diversity. And of course the question "Why did the US wait until all of Europe was leveled before entering the war?" has never been adequately answered. So they could do what they did and with the Post War Planning Committee with David Rockafeller as it's chairman, take control of the European Economy. The rich always conspire to stay rich and white imperialists always conspire to stay white imperialists.

Fascists like Ariel Sharon and George Bush have been highjacking the innocent intentions of good people through out history and turning them into corrupt gambits of power grabbing using violence and oppression as their main tools. When will we learn to attack fascism at it's heart instead of ringing our hands over how far they might go.

Israel is a fascist state with a Jewish minority living in it.