Bush Daddy Village

by Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenge Thursday, Nov. 28, 2002 at 1:43 AM

It took a Serpent (132033)!

I was not going to start another article tonight; but my Daddy said that you should all know how "Bush Daddy Looks Under His Skirt" (217707) ended up as "A Decree from Israel?" (218261). Bush Daddy kept saying that "Ready and go!" was a Decree; thus on 11/16/02 a Decree went out from Israel (Dan. 9:24-26; 6:26); that proud John Dryden's Israel, under the rule of renegade king, Bush Daddy, who is also the uncrowned king of Babylon on the Potomac, is going to fulfill every prophecy for the coming days with no more delay as they learn the price of having behaved like God-sent street thugs, relying on stupidity to establish a lawlessness that enables them to murder with abandon(2 Tim. 2:16). Of course the masterminds of proud John Dryden's Israel have long since escaped to Cayuga Heights or maybe the hills (Matt. 24:16: Rev. 6:15). Apparently they can't flee too far before they are out of the tax shelter that is Tompkins County. Don't you be trying to get this renegade nation for not paying taxes either! The Nazis of Bush Daddy Tribe have volunteered to help solidify God's rule of the earth via Bush Daddy, standing up as proud John Dryden's Israel's King (Dan. 7:4; Hosea 10:3,15).

Contrary to what you have heard from Bill broad Hil Hollow that "It Takes a Village!"; it seems like it takes at least a county, maybe a state plus a continent or two! Should we thank Dryden for being stupid enough to put themselves in the hands of the living God(Hebrews 10:31)? As I made clear to a mouthy atheist on Maine IMC, it is best to "Know God! Fear God!":Do not knock the Bible until you have tried to duplicate it. It is the Word of God! The Book of John is the best written Book of the Bible. People have called it the speech of God; i.e. no matter how you translate, it still comes through as something that could not have been conceived by human mind. Dr. Ivan Panin's Mathematical Proof of the Divine Nature of the Holy Scriptures stands uncontested to this day. Talk of Christians, Fundamentalists, and other religions is without purpose, for most of them are imposters. Who do you think sets the format for all religions? Few churches discuss Revelations or even the Book of John. Every single religion is infested with Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots! Dummkopf Nazis who prey on those who will not acknowledge the power of stupidity! The Power of Lawlessness has been murdering people for years. Until the dummkopf Nazis are brought to make manifest their Zionist aspirations, the world will be at their mercy. It is the fulfillment of prophecy that will make things happen in the Middle East. History ended a few years back. If you are arguing for anything, you should be arguing for the fulfillment of prophecy. This Kingdom should have been made manifest before Sarah Hajney's and Jennifer Bolduc's bodies were in the ground! It should have happened when Elijah was ripped from his mother's womb in 1995 (29190; Mal. 4:6)! This land has been cursed with the malicious stupidity of the dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Tribe until Bush Daddy is revealed as the "man of lawlessness" (2 Thess. 2:3). Throughout Bush Daddy Village, and in turn, the earth, these chemical-mongering Nazis are intent of tricking, trapping, and killing anyone who might oppose their stupidity(Jer. 5:26).

So what's the point in trying to be anyone in a "village" where Nazis prey on anyone who tries to be someone? Does it benefit one to be or to aspire to be a champion (118297)? Is it still good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth(Lam. 3:27)? Does the Lord still give strength to His people(Ps. 29:11)? "They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint"(Is. 40:31). When they closed the pool for a few weeks at the end of the summer, I tried once again do the 600 repetitions with a 35 pound barbell that I used to do every day when I was swimming on championship level in college. I mean that every single day before workout I would do 600 reps before I went in the pool, and I would do these reps like they weren't there. I would never feel sore from these reps or anything. Now it is a different story, and it makes me appreciate what the strength of youth can do. There is energy to spare! The more you give, the more you get. Barriers fall down! Doors open up to those who have what it takes to compete with the best. The conditioning and effort prepare one for a life in which adversities will appear often. It is the true champion who is ready to help in time of need(Hebrews 4:16) and to withstand the evil day (Eph. 6:13); and by doing so, these champions lead many to righteousness(Dan. 12:3). There are also a lot of side benefits to the pursuits of a champion. The champion will recover whenever it is possible. Champions will also serve to gather the lawless ones of BDT(Mic. 2:12), for BDT will make themselves known to a champion when BDT tries to hinder the champion's pursuits. The true champion keeps the "village idiots" chasing after their own deaths if nothing less(Prov. 1:18). It's a worthwhile pursuit. Go for it.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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