Plan Colombia. Special Preview Screening of Brilliant New Film on Saturday in LA

by Free-Will-Prod and an LA IMCer Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002 at 2:58 AM

"Plan Colombia" (Read about the film below) -- from the brilliant filmmakers who made "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" -- will be premiering in LA on Saturday Novemeber 23, 2002. These special screenings will be this Saturday Night (11-23), at 7 & 9pm, at Raleigh Studios' Chaplin Theater: 5300 Melrose in Los Angeles. Enter the grounds of Raleigh Studios on Van Ness, just south of Melrose; and ask the gatekeeper for directions to the Theater.


With most of the U.S. military aid under the so-called "Plan Colombia delivered the Colombian Governmant unilaterally withdraws from the peace process engaged with the FARC guerilla (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and steps up violence in this 50 year-quasi-civil-war. But what of the initial anti-narcotics purpose of the U.S. "Plan Colombia"? Is the U.S. Governement even concerned still with fighting druga when the post 9-11 rhetoric made it easy for the State Dep. to now single out the leftist FARC as enemy #1 in Colombia on the ground that they use what might be viewed as "terrorist tactics." After 20 years of drug-wars in the Andes resulting in a two-fold increase of cocaine imported in the U.S. in the last ten years alone, what is to be expected anyway from a plan focusing primarily on spraying coca-fields in rebel-held parts of the country when coca is grown all over Colombia?

There are many interviews in "Plan Colombia" including Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Colombian Presidential candidate Ingrid Netancourt (now a hostage of the FARC), the late U. S. Senator Paul Wellstone, U.S. Representative John Conyers, various other U.S. officials, a WWF scientist, and many different Colombians fro all walks of life, including guerilla leaders.

All shed light on the complex issues of drug-trafficking and civil struggle in Colombia and on the impact of both the current chemical-spray program carried out by U.S. Defense-contcator Dyncorps and the multi-billion dollar "aid" delivered to the brutal Colombian military. But they also give us insights into what a foremost factor oil has become in the U.S. government's motivations in Colombia, a country with the same oil potential as Venezuala, today the second oil supplyer to the U.S..

"Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug-War Failure" is brought to you by the same team that produced the internationally acclaimed "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm", a documentary broadcast in every European country and all over the Middle East. The team is comprised of Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy, a husband-and-wife team of documentary filmmakers since 1995 (works include: "Peru: between the Hamer and the Anvil", "Confessions of a New York Call-Girl", and "Sex, Ties & Lots of Videotpaes" -- info on, of wizard-editor, multi-talented Jason Stelzel and of composer Fritz Heede (Emmy for the score of NBC's "Mystery of the Sphynx produced by Roberts Watts).

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