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by c. j. macq Friday, Sep. 06, 2002 at 6:00 AM

This article is the one written just weeks following 9-11 mentioned in "Leftist Conservatism" that was ignored by nearly all on the left


(originally written 10-1-01)

What follows is pure speculation but it’s something to think about before we send our young citizens off to foreign lands to kill and be killed and before we ignorantly and willingly succumb to the loss of what little human rights we have left in America. All I have done is link several suspicious facts that are possibly too remarkable to be pure coincidence.

It has been no secret that capitalists, conservatives and fascists have continually fought for laws to tighten government control over it’s own citizens; curtail personal freedoms and human rights and broaden police and corporate powers. What would help them was a national disaster so these ends could be met through the pretense of “national security.”

When Bush took power he was the least popular American president in the history of the United States. Many claimed he actually wasn’t even elected, never received the majority of the popular vote and took power illegally. He was commonly portrayed in the media as a moronic buffoon and his intelligence and leadership abilities were constantly in question. The nation had not been so divided since the civil war and the economy was crashing. The New York stock exchange and the NASDAQ were both plummeting and unemployment and inflation were skyrocketing. Consumers stopped buying and the consumer confidence index was at an all time low. Protestors had taken to the streets in ever increasing numbers battling U. S. involvement in the World Bank and the G-8 conferences and their attempts at creating a world-wide, slave driven capitalist police state which reflect the American model. Our country was indeed a mess and Bush’s lack of leadership and failed policies were being blamed. Nothing he did had any effect on these events.

What could be done to increase his popularity, unite the nation behind him, create sympathy for the military and corporate America and eliminate civil rights all at the same time?

Numerous people with known terrorist ties had entered the country and conveniently slipped past government surveillance and openly received flight training in American flight schools. Mind you, they didn’t receive take-off or landing training, just flight training.

There hadn’t been a hijacking in the United States for ten years. In one day, within minutes of one another, not one, not two, but four successful hijackings took place two of them on planes that took-off from the same airport and all of them took off from airports that were in the same geographic vicinity. All four planes almost simultaneously veered drastically off course and no one reported it and no one did anything. Although the World Trade towers had previously been targeted by terrorists no one reported the two stray flights that headed directly for New York City. The planes were obviously in distress yet no action was taken and no “authority” was notified. No high-level industrialists or “entrepreneurs” were killed or injured or were even in the towers at the time of the two airplane impacts.

No one was notified as one of the planes entered Washington D. C. air-space. No high ranking military personnel were killed or injured when one of the planes crashed into the Pentagon; the headquarters for the U. S. military. And the plane that was quite likely headed for the White House or the U. S. capital building was the only plane to go down before it reached it’s target. Supposedly it was the only plane to have a government agent on it.

Soon after the attacks a few people were interviewed by the media that blamed America’s foreign policies for the disasters. I saw these interviews. This was short lived as those interviewed quickly changed to include only those who called for war and denied any American culpability for these acts. All who dissented from fascist America vanished from public view. The press itself quickly joined the war mongers calling these acts “acts of war.” They began to label their news casts as “America Fights Back” and “War on Terrorism.” We were constantly bombarded with lies such as ALL of America unites in war!

Then the flag waving began. The press concentrated on this as a demonstration of America’s support for Bush. These initial flag-wavers were undoubtedly conservatives. Did Bush and his administration send them out in the hopes of creating the illusion of popular support for his eventual call to war and the termination of personal freedoms?

When Bush addressed Congress on national television after the attacks his demeanor and posture were dramatically more confident. Look at the tape. He held his chin higher, his eyes narrower, and his lips more taunt and during every burst of applause he took a tyrants stance that mirrored Il Duce himself as the nations self-proclaimed “leaders” embraced his call to war, revenge and still more killing. Only one congressional member, a woman, had the courage to deny Bush a blank check for perpetuating this bloodlust.

Throughout history leaders in times of turmoil have used scapegoats, fear and national tragedies to increase their popularity and unite their troubled countries. Napoleon used war and nationalism to unite France after a devastating revolution. Hitler used the Jews and the Poles as scapegoats for their economic turmoil and he united Germany and entered World War Two. It is said that Roosevelt knew of the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but allowed it to take place to end the Depression and unite our country in war. Reagan used Granada and Qadhafi to increase his popularity during and after the Iran-Contra fiasco which almost ruined him. And Bush’s own father used war against Iraq to push his popularity to it’s highest point in his entire presidential term.

And history also shows how the media is abused and manipulated to censor dissent and spread fear and government and corporate propaganda.

Indeed America is more fearful and united than ever in recent memory. It’s sad we couldn’t unite before this catastrophe to promote individual rights and end American poverty and police, government and corporate corruption and brutality. Indeed Bush’s popularity is higher than almost any president in history.

Americans have even turned on American scapegoats in the name of Bush’s call for vengeance. But he has now embraced these Muslim minorities not to stop their current suffering but to gain cooperation from the Muslim nations he needs to carry out his war. (Yes, of course, we keep hearing from government, corporate and media propagandists how the pending war has nothing to do with revenge but it’s obviously just another lie.)

Is it beyond reason that Bush, with the knowledge and involvement of the military, CIA, FBI and high-ranking conservative and capitalist leaders, allowed this tragedy to take place? No… it is not beyond reason. History itself tells us this. And when I say “involvement” I don’t mean they actively took part. I mean they allowed it to happen. No, I don’t believe the hijackers were on the pay roll of the Bush administration (although it’s possible). But what’s more probable is that he and his cohorts simply discovered the plot and did nothing to stop it. Maybe he believed sincerely this is what was needed to solve the national problems he was facing. He may not have even intended for the World Trade towers to collapse. The terrorist were even surprised at that as were the buildings’ own architects. Maybe Bush hoped for minimal casualties just as I believe Roosevelt hoped for minimal casualties at Pearl Harbor but for Bush something went terribly wrong.

It is also well within reason that Bush did not know. But a high-ranking “official” in the military, the FBI, CIA or even within his own administration allowed the attacks to take place all for specific and different respective goals in mind.

Remember, this is pure speculation. Are all these linked events too suspicious to be mere coincidence? I believe so. But you must come to your own conclusions. All I have done is ask the questions no one else is asking. But we damned well better think about it before it’s too late.

c. j. macq

equality IS freedom!


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