African-American savagery...

by Steve-O Thursday, Aug. 01, 2002 at 9:20 PM

Mob Kills Van's Occupants After Chicago Crash Wed Jul 31, 4:49 PM ET

Well, let see all you lefties go protest this, especially all you who cry "racism"...White cop punches black kid: BAD! Black mob massacres 2 old black guys: well, you know...

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago police on Wednesday condemned as "cowardly thugs" a mob that used stones, bricks, punches and kicks to beat to death two men whose rental van skidded out of control, jumped a curb and injured three women.

Police were questioning several people, at least one of whom was considered a suspect, and appealed for eyewitnesses to Tuesday's attack to come forward.

The two slain men were hauling furniture in the van, which ran a stop sign, skidded over a curb, and pinned three women to the front porch of a South Side building, police said.

Police said roughly five people used stones and bricks as well as their fists and feet to beat the men, who were later pronounced dead at local hospitals. Several other bystanders called police to report the accident and the beating in progress.

"By no means is this street justice, this is not vigilante justice, this is not justice of any kind," Police Superintendent Terry Hillard told reporters. "The people in that neighborhood ... they don't condone, won't tolerate that sort of behavior.

"This is a simple, senseless double-homicide committed by a bunch of cowardly thugs, and these murderers will be brought to justice, you can rest assured."

Police said the crowd appeared to be simply angry that the women were hurt and went after the men.

Why the van swerved out of control was unclear, and tests were being conducted to determine if the vehicle suffered a mechanical breakdown or if either victim was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Police said both victims, Jack Moore, 62, and Anthony Stuckey, 50, lived in the neighborhood. The coroner determined they died from the beating and not any other cause, Hillard said.

The women struck by the van were a 26-year-old who suffered a broken arm, an 18-year-old who suffered a gash on the chin and lost three teeth, and a 17-year-old with a possible spinal injury. All were listed in stable condition.

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