Call for a Protest Against Gov. Complicity on 9/11/01

by Anti-Fascist Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2002 at 3:09 PM

Just over a month to go before the "anniversary" of 9/11-with the corporate media giving us another mega-earfull of the "official" B.S. about what happened that day!

This is a call for a major protest this coming 9/11 calling to question the Bush Regime's lack of response(at the VERY LEAST) to what happened on 9/11/01. We are going to have to really mobilize to counter the propaganda offensive the corporate media will be waging to:

1. Re-enforce the patently FALSE "official" line about 9/11 so that Emperor Bush can;

2. Justify his upcoming invasion of Iraq in his so-called "war on terrorism".

We need to start preparing NOW to oppose this propaganda attack. Here are just a couple (there are many more) websites with good, documented information about the official LIES being told to us(over and over again-remember what Hitler said about doing that?) by the media and the government: