May 17: Latest News from Palestine, Iraq, Cuba...

by Lee Siu Hin Saturday, May. 18, 2002 at 6:14 PM

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Alert! IDF Again Enter Jenin!!!!

Israeli forces pushed back into the Jenin refugee camp in a sweep for suspected Palestinian "militants" early on Friday, returning to the scene of the fiercest fighting in Israel's recent West Bank offensive.

There were no reports of casualties in the assault, which Palestinian witnesses said ended several hours after it began under the cover of darkness.

May 17: Latest News from Palestine

1) Israeli Forces Enter Jenin (Reuters)


3) Israel/Occupied Territories: Soldiers imprisoned for refusing to take part in human rights violations (Amnesty International)

4) ISM Embassy Update (e-mail)

5) University of Maryland Poll Points Toward Peace (AlterNet)

6) State Dept Says No Arafat Evidence on Terror Links (Assoicated Press)

2) CUBA:

May 17: Carter calls for end to US embargo, says US must take first step

1) Carter calls for end to US embargo, says US must take first step (AFP)

2) Text of Jimmy Carter Speech Broadcast to Cuban People

3) History: 1977 Carter Directive on Normalizing Cuba Relations (National Security Archive, Washington D.C.)

4) CUBA AND ALLEGED BIOTERRORISM: ACTION ALERT (Latin American Working Group, United States)

5) Carter Wraps Up Historic Cuba Visit (Assoicated Press)

6) Cuba: US Denies Some Research Visas (Assoicated Press)

7) U.S. challenges Cuba to disprove bioweapons charge (Reuters)

*****Alert! Protest US Medical Journal Publish Big Lies About Cuba-Bioweapon Links!!!!

3) IRAQ:

Same Old Stupid Sanctions

May 17 : News from Iraq

1) Same Old Stupid Sanctions (Voices in the Wilderness, United States)

2) UN Resolution 1409 (2002)

3) Jordan's King Warns Against US Action Against Iraq (Reuters)

4) Iraq accepts oil deal, blasts sanctions changes (Reuters)


U'wa Prevail Over Oil Giant!

At its annual shareholder meeting, May 6, the Occidental Oil Company anounced its abandonment of controversial plans to drill for oil and its intent to withdraw from sacred U'wa lands. The contested Samore oil block will be returned to the Colombian government. This announcement follows over three years of peaceful nonviolent protest and direct action by the U'wa and thousands of others through solidarity actions around the world. However, this victory may not be the end of the U'wa struggle. Other oil companies including Ecopetrol, Colombia's state oil company, may continue the exploration begun by Occidental.

U'wa Statement


May 17: How Chavez Foiled The U.S.-Supported Coup

An extraordinary investigative report by Greg Palast has revealed that Venezuela President Hugo Chavez had advance warning of the April 11th military coup and that U.S. military officers participated in his attempted overthrow.




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6) Peace Actions:

Wast is the alternative to the war?

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