Pro-Palestine March in Long Beach

by Agent Oliver Friday, May. 03, 2002 at 1:10 PM

March in Long Beach

Today aprox 60 people marched for Palestine at California State University of Long Beach and gathered at a rally point which grew to aprox 80-100 people. It was supported by the Muslim student association, the turkish students, the CSULB campus Progressives, La Raza, and other progressive/culutural campus groups.

Palestinian is currently occupied by the Israel colonialist apartheid government. If your home was occupied would you fight back? Isreal has sent settlers into Palestinian lands and is slowly kicking all non jewish arabs out of palestine. This is ethnic cleansing and it is a shame our country sends aid to Irsael!

Free, Free Palestine!

If anyone else was at the march/rally please post your thoughts on it.