Join us MAYDAY in Orange County in front of Loretta Sanchez office Garden Grove

by Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2002 at 4:43 PM


Come Celebrate International Workers' Day w/ other Orange County Residents in front of Loretta Sanchez office on Wed. May 1st at 3:00 - 6:00 PM



WHERE: Front of Loretta Sanchez Office

LOCATION: 12397 Lewis St #101 Garden Grove, CA

WHEN: Wed. May 1, 2002

TIME: 3:00 - 6:00 PM


OR CALL 714-303-0004


WHY: Mayday is International Workers' Day it makes workers' struggle for liberation from those who exploit others for their own profit . We don't need a capitalist system of exploitation, and working under dehumanizing conditions. The Spirit of Mayday is ALIVE in Orange County! We invite everyone to come together in the spirit of mayday & join in this CELEBRATION of resistance. We are protesting Loretta Sanchez because she enlisted the help of the Immigrant working class community in Orange County to place herself into office. The community trusted her, and supported her, and she has failed to fight for the community that put her into office. She has voted for laws that target the Immigrant working class community, and has even helped for an INS to be built in Anaheim, she has turned her back on the people that put her where she is today, and on top of that she has also betrayed them by making their struggles even greater.


1) Support working class Orange County residents, and close down the racist INS office in Anaheim which you helped build and expand. The INS dept. racially profiles, intimidates, and terrorizes Orange County residents daily

2) Take a firm stand and speak out against police brutality & racial profiling by the Orange County Police and INS Dept.

3) Speak out, demand and support equal rights for women of color

4) Represent the district that voted for you, and take a firm stand against the US War. The Orange County community needs money for jobs, housing, health care, education, the homeless, and community based programs , NOT WAR!

5) Speak out firmly against John Ashcrofts racist and fascist new Immigration law/policy that is part of the patriot act (that you voted for). This new law will only allow further discrimination towards the working class Immigrant community.

6) Protect and deamnd equal rights for Unions, Labor, Immigrants, and workers in your district

We would like to work together based on freedom, trust, unity, and to offer help, community empowerment, mutually. This Mayday we are celebrating our collective struggles & resistance, past and present, WITH A HUGE AND VIBRANT VOICE WE ARE DEMANDING ACTION, JUSTICE, PEACE, FREEDOM & EQUALITY!! Our Voices will be heard from the Argentinean barrios, the refugees in Afghanistan who will stage a hunger strike, Australia, Sweden, Kosovo, The UK, Political Prisinors in Turkey, to Venezuela, India, Mozambique, China, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, and Bolivia. We will speak to the workd and join in unity together to fight against health cuts, living in police states, privatization, ever-increasing state repression, war, and xenophobia. In every town, city, nation, workplace, classroom, and field, our struggle continues, as it has done for centuries. YOU have a stake in this fight. We cannot allow any living being to be expolited, oppressed, or degraded. We need to mobilize to resist and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We ask that you, our brothers and sisters, will join us in this struggle that effects us all in some way to help fight for equal rights in solidarity with workers, unions, immigrants, women and men, the young and the old in our community in the never ending struggle for HUMAN RIGHTS WORLDWIDE.

Walk out on a strike at your job or school, throw a wrench into the capitalist machine, raise your fist and resist, do what ever it takes to join us on the streets. On Wednesday May 1st we will accelerate our resistance, openly and defiantly, in ways small and large, quiet and loud, visible and invisible, our goal is a new world. So join us, and let yoru voice be heard, bring your drums, music, banners, signs, friends, family, and most importantly yourself to the streets on May 1st and join in on the celebration of unity and equality and the never ending spirit of life that screams loud and clear "TOGETHER ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"

Event is endorsed by

POWER ( People Opposing War, Empires, and Rulers)

Alianza Indigena

Cultural Center of Anahuac

Orange County Progressive Youth

Iranian Students for Peace & Justice

Middle Eastern Cultural Center of Southern CA


Our next meeting will be this Thursday April 25, at 7:00 PM at the Cultural Center of Anahuac office located at 215 West Tustin Avenue, Suite 205, in Tustin. Office hours vary.

Please feel free to either email me or or call

(714) 303-0004 if you have any questions and/or would like to be involved in the organizing, mobilizing and outreach efforts of bringing a large and vibrant voice to Orange County for Mayday this year.

Original: Join us MAYDAY in Orange County in front of Loretta Sanchez office Garden Grove