by Ahmed Friday, Apr. 19, 2002 at 1:31 AM

Indymedia is an open newswire; ANYBODY can publish a story here. Some new visitors to IMC (mainly non-activists) were not aware of the free publishing rule and distrusted IMC because of the amount of US- Zionist supremacist and racist hate posts.

Indy media is a free newswire; ANYBODY can publish a story here.

So be aware that there's all sort of stuff here. Most of the contributors show respect for readers and intellectual basic standards.

IMC is a network for alternative and radical news in a world where the vast majority of information sources are controlled by multinational corporations (General Electric, AT&T corporation, Vivendi Universal, AOL...) or state institutions.

However, since a few months, a small group of right-wing contributors are challenging IMC freedom, posting hateful material (US and Zionists white supremacists, racism against Jews, Arabs, Muslims, afro-Americans, justifications for US terror, hoaxes).

With time you'll learn to recognize them and their "stories".

On IMC Palestine and others, some of these contributors are working daily to deny the criminal activities of Israeli State.

More dramatically their nonsense and hateful publishing is discrediting the credibility of IMC itself.

They are using the classical methods used by people trying to deny a situation of racism, injustice, colonization, extermination etc.

The method is used by many racist ideologies. Inform yourself and be aware!

Examples of past and present negation's discourse:

-European imperialism and denial of the colonization crimes ("Africans unable to manage their own affairs", Algerian or Vietnamese resisting to occupation labelled as "terrorists"...)

-Shoah negationnists (I haven't seen the gas chambers so it does not exist, there was only hundred of thousands Jews killed...)

-Pro-Serbs denial in former Yugoslavia (the Bosnian Muslims are bombing themselves, the occupation by Serb militia is a reaction to Bosnian terrorism, justification of crimes against humanity because "Serb army is defending western civilization" etc.)

A common strategy used by supremacists is to speak in the name of the group they would like to represent.

According to their racist ideology THEY represent the identity of the group. Their vision of reality is strictly binarist. Any dissident view from inside is ignored. When it cannot be ignored it is minimized and when the voice of dissidence is large they use the last weapon: discredit and play the role of the victim.

The cultural base of these contributions is a mix of hardcore hateful western supremacism, colonial apology, binarism, hate-for-the-left and pseudo post-modernity.

Be aware and IMC will be a good daily or weekly news source!

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