ATTENTION: Anti-Authoritarians of Color!

by Austin Delgadillo Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2002 at 3:36 PM

"...But this! Year Zero, will be ours! If we allow ourselves to sleep, we will sleep with one eye open. If we dare to dream, we will dream on our feet. And when the nightmares return pounding on our doors, they will find us awake and armed, because our memory is fire in the house of centuries past." -El Compay Nando

April 28th. 6pm (the last Sunday evening of this month) @ the Flor Y Canto Community Center in Los Angeles

Anti-Authoritarians of Color will be having an autobiographical (personal) discussion about our experiences as people of color within a white-privileged activist and anarchist culture. We wish to eventually develop a network of Anti-Authoritarians of Color throughout LA and Orange County who will build presence, and gain empowerment.

Our focus for this night is to get to know one another, and see how our different upbringings and cultures have contributed to the shaping of our political ideas and activities.

This is also a vegetarian potluck, so come prepared!

For more info, go to the Flor Y Canto website...

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