indymedia under attack world wide

by big pic Sunday, Feb. 24, 2002 at 8:05 PM

indymedia under attack world wide

Indymedia under attack
by Fellini 12:40pm Sun Feb 24 '02 (Modified on 2:31pm Sun Feb 24 '02)

Indy is being attacked. And we can get almost no pages from here in Switzerland.

Since weeks, Indymedia in Europe is under attack. Switzerland is down, Italy has
been attacked by the riot-police, germany and austria are threatened.
For today, almost all indy-pages are not available anymore from here in
Switzerland. Norway, Israel, Russia and adelaide were reachable for us.
Does anybody know what's going on?Make a quick comment on this article.
your name


same sort of thing going on in the USA
by The Big Picture 2:31pm Sun Feb 24 '02

I have tried to contact (centeral site)
and all USA sites.
Only 14 of the 30 USA sites will respond at all,
and about 7 of those 14, are having trouble displaying the home page.
I was able to contact those 7 by clicking on the "stop loading this page"
icon at the top of the browser, and only then did the home page plot.
I was then able to usualy read the screen and click on something,
then the site worked ok.
So....of the 30 USA indymedia sites:
16 do not respond
7 respond but do not plot untill "stop loading this page" is clicked
7 respond and seem to work ok

I sould also note my email accounts are not working correctly over the past few