Bush Daddy Repercussions

by Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger Sunday, Feb. 24, 2002 at 12:27 AM
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It's like Bush Daddy dumped a load in his pants (41739).

My Daddy said that the Bush Daddy Tribe will continue with their own plans (Jer. 18:12), for the power of lawlessness (2Thess. 2:7) that is supported by the communication glitch that is the mainstream media will continue to suppress the truth even as "Bush Daddy Stupidity" (136536) brings the "dwelling of violence" back on the heads of the lawless ones (Amos 6:3). They will never acknowledge the truth, and you will have to accept that as their folly is made plain to all (2 Tim. 3:1-9). They have a "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15), and they have set a trap for their own lives (Prov. 1:18). God will send more and more powerful delusions so that they will continue to support their lies (2 Thess. 2:11). Those who know the truth and their God will stand firm (1 Peter 5:9). That is why God encourages endurance and faithfulness (Rev. 13:10) as the wicked go chasing after their own deaths (Jer. 15:2).

My revealing that the plane crashes of 9/11/01 were probably radio-controlled from the ground has probably set off numerous reactions to the cover-up. Of course you should know that airliners are routinely flown by remote control in the desert to prove that they are airworthy. There was probably a crash-proof black box, containing the remote control device and an atomic battery, so that it could be easily located via its radioactivity. This device probably shorted all circuits and/or took over total control of the planes. The pilots of the planes in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC probably killed the engines when they realized that they had lost control. As for the cell phone calls from the doomed planes, cell phones probably don't even work on planes, yet transcripts and recordings of these calls seem to be still coming in. Who said that the Pentagon was not the target? And why would they say that the White House rather than the Capitol or the Supreme Court was the target? In NYC they probably had thousands of terrorists coaxing the NYFD into helping them retrieve the remote control devices rather than looking for survivors via the subway. God knows what these terrorists probably did to prevent survivors and witnesses from talking about what really happened. Since all of these terrorists, providing ground support at the crash sites probably took off as soon as the remote control devices were retrieved, lets hope that witnesses have plenty of pictures of those who were responsible for these unwarranted efforts to retrieve these devices.

As for the surveillance "bugs" that I addressed last week, this phenomena just scrapes the surface of ill will coming our way from the intelligence community. Although these "bugs" may function via infrared (42982 & 43171), it seems like they are transmitted via cable after being picked up by receivers in the cable hook-up boxes attached to houses. I say that infrared is probably being used because people used to "hear" radio broadcasts via the fillings in their teeth or even without fillings during the unregulated broadcasting of the 1920s when most of the electromagnetic spectrum was being used for broadcasting. The intelligence community apparently seized on this phenomena and helped create the 1934 Federal Communication Commission, which restricted use of infrared waves. Infrared wavelengths are greater than those of visible light (red is the longest) and shorter than those of radio, television, and radar. Instead of using infrared technology to fulfill God's promise that the "deaf will hear" and the "blind will see" (Is. 29:18); Bush Daddy Tribe has chosen to use infrared for evil. As I have written, after a certain level of exposure to infrared, a person's body can "hear" infrared broadcasts; thus a device that converts sound to infrared and relays it to a deaf person could enable a deaf person to hear even if the device was in the deaf person's pocket. I am not certain of how infrared would help the blind see; but I suspect that a camera could send an infrared image via eyeglasses to the retinas of a blind person, for most blind people still possess a limited degree of sight. I know that infrared is visible in that it makes objects appear luminescent like an infrared photograph. I further suspect that infrared is the most perceptable wavelength(s) to a blind person and that an adjustable infrared image could be transmitted to a blind person's retina at whatever intensity was required for the subject to discern images. The fact that light lasers are red probably means that infrared is even better for creating sharp images. Should infrared remain a fool's "tool" for evil?

As Bush Daddy Tribe continues with their own plans (Jer. 18:12), they continue to tell you not to read my articles, so that they can foist their twisted versions of what I have written on you to further their own evil plans. They seem hell-bent on encouraging practices that promote physical and/or mental deterioration that puts you on par with the brain-damaged coprophagists (70672). In addition to encouraging you to buy fancy air filters with 0 HEPA cartridges that enable their "Chemical Modus.." (24988, 47525, 60292, 124412) to prevail; they seem intent on encouraging you to overdose on vitamins. As has happened with other critical information that I have put in comments after my articles, what I have written on vitamins is not there. You are probably better off reading what www.google.com. has to offer on "vitimin overdoses"; but I will say here that overdoses of vitamins and/or minerals interfere with the absorbtion of other nutrients, create chemical imbalances in the body, and produce many mental and physical symptoms, including stupor. Thus people suffer fools as the promised 100% RDA also includes a "ticket to the grave". Bush Daddy also contends that what I wrote about "Messiah Exarchou (62371) learning of the "power food" of feces in the concentration camps has been twisted so that survival camps are teaching that coprophagia is okay if you are really hungry. No longer is it publicized that watching TV in the dark ruins the eyesight, and I see TVs lighting up dark rooms everywhere. Thus poor eyesight is the rule in the Bush Daddy era. Also the postal Anthrax threat (82672, 124412) seems to have the secondary purpose of protecting the stupidity of Bush Daddy's illiterate kid. Now if anyone gives BD's kid a sheet of paper, he is justified in giving the paper to someone and saying; "Check this out and see what this is all about!" And you wonder how he went through Yale University without cracking a book! On the home front I went and picked up notice that charges against me by the Cornell Police had been droppred (108404). And here I was thinking up against this family a calamity from which they would not remove their necks (Mic. 2:3). Hopefully some entities filed Assault, Battery, Abduction, and Abuse of Powers charges against the "punk rogues" to keep them in vogue. The stupidity of Bush Daddy Tribe never lets up, and it will shine forever and ever (Dan. 12:2) as Bush Daddy leads them to make manifest Israel, a kingdom that cannot be shaken (93509), starring Bush Daddy as the Great Dead King of Israel. Surely God will be pleased!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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