Bush Decreases Budget For Protecting Nuke Weapons Labs

by jonathan Friday, Feb. 22, 2002 at 4:08 PM


With the alleged Yemeni terrorists on the lam, it's reassuring to hear about all the money pegged for homeland security. The White House's proposed budget for 2003 allocates a total of $38 billion for various domestic defense programs, with $4.8 billion set for airport security—up from $1.5 billion this year—and $5.9 billion to protect us from bioterrorism—a nearly four-fold increase from last year.

But this budget also calls for money to protect our nation's nuclear weapons labs and production facilities—such as Los Alamos: We'll spend $655 million for that—a $51 million decrease from last year


....U.S. soldiers posing as terrorists have infiltrated and stolen nuclear material from our labs in more 50 percent of the mock exercises conducted in recent years. In one operation, reported by the Wall Street Journal, soldiers made off with a pile of plutonium with a cart they bought at Home Depot. In another case, the mock-terrorists lobbed plutonium over a security fence with a lacrosse stick. ''

- Slate.com (link from UnknownNews.net)

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