March Against Police Brutality in Long Beach

by stop police brutality Monday, Feb. 04, 2002 at 2:31 AM

March Against Police Brutality in Long Beach on Feb 9th at 3pm. At Lincoln park (broadway and pacific) in long beach.

The March starts from Lincoln Park [Broadway+Pacific] next to the main Long Beach Library. The March starts at 3pm on Feb 9th.

At 11 a.m Saturday, January 19th, officers were called to Top Value Market on Pacific Ave, where an elderly black woman struggled with the manager of the store. Marcella Byrd, 57 year old resident of a downtown senior apartment complex, was murdered minutes later when ten police officers claim that she tried to throw a carving knife at them. Ten officers claim that they needed to use a gun to take down a 57 year old lady. No matter what she was doing it is not right that she was murdered. And this is only one of many murders that have been carried out by the racist police in Long Beach.
Every day in our community the racist police pull us over, shoot us, jail us, beat us, and harass us. Why? Because they can. They think because they have a badge, that we can't ddo anything about it. They think that if we are poor, young, old, female, Black, Mexican, or Asian that we can't stand up against them! Now is the time that we show the police that we know what we are doing, and that we won't stand for it any longer! Come together as a community, with people of all ages, ethnicity's, and walks of life in this march against the Long Beach Pig Department, and show them that you will not be a victim any longer, and that racism will not be tolerated in LBC. Take Back Your Streets! Take Back Your Community!