POWER meeting tonight!!

by anon Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2002 at 10:53 AM

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POWER! People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers!
When: Jan 28,2002
Where: A-Occasions Long Beach Infoshop.
Located: 684 Redondo Ave, Long Beach CA
Time: 7:00 PM
Phone #: 562-434-1649

Please come w/ your agenda items, Facilitator will be
picked at the meeting.

we are Youth, Students,workers..plain people! from all
over the Country who want to fight in this anti-war
movement, in our communities and schools from an
anti-authoritarian perspective. Our group is a
completely open group for discussion and dialogue and
is going to be building and organizing around the
anti-war/anti US Military Occupation movement from a
non hierarchal, not patriarchal,
anti-authoritarian/anarchist standpoint. We are
already holding meetings in Los Angeles, Oregon and
the Bay area, but would like for YOU individuals to
get involved and plug in to help start up a group on
your campus or in your community. The point of this
group is to bring people together
who oppose US military war drive and help empower
individuals and one another in doing activism and
organizing around these issues. we want to encourage
more people nationwide to get involved, hold meetings
and start organizing. We are in the process of setting
up a nationwide hotline, and web page that people can
plug into to see how meetings, and events that this
group does are going. We have a list liserver, and if
you would like to be put on that please email
Nationwide: Nationwide_power@yahoo.com
Southern CA: SocalPower@yahoo.com
We are dedicated on working with our Middle Eastern
brothers and sisters not just by telling them how to
organize but actually by listening and working along
with Middle Eastern cultural groups and Islamic
centers in educating ourselves and one another, and
building a strong resistance against the war and US
military occupation.

We are dedicated to do
>-Solidarity work with targeted organizations and
people of Islamic and
Middle-Eastern descent
>-Educate on the diverse cultures and histories in the
Middle East and the
Islamic world
>-Educate on U.S. militarism and imperialism in the
Middle East and around
>the world
>-Educate on the impact of U.S. militarism on life
within the U.S.especially for working-class people and
people of color
>-Solidarity work with immigrants living in the US who
are being harassed,
jailed, or in some cases deported because of their
race, religion or country
of origin
>-Challenge white supremacy and patriarchy inside and
outside our activist
>-Build and support creative non-violent affinity
group projects nationwide.
>-Demand diversity and autonomy in organizing
>-Campaign against ROTC centers on campuses, and any
other War research that
goes on our local campuses
>-Mobilize students and youth of all ages to learn
more, challenge, and
confront those that support and direct the US War
>-Educate on the practice and benefits of direct
democratic and anarchistic
forms of decision-making.