World Economic Forum or Simply, Brutal Conquerors?

by Lloyd Hart Monday, Dec. 31, 2001 at 9:10 PM

It is important not to be pulled into the language that the corporate conquerors are using to hoodwink the masses

World Economic Forum or Simply, Brutal Conquerors?

By Lloyd Hart

It is important not to be pulled into the language that the corporate conquerors are using to hoodwink the masses and that they use to debate with those of us who object to the continued colonial mentality that maintains control over the weaker nations and their resources. Saddling them in endless amounts of despots and debt.

Even when we use the word colonist or colony it harkens back to a former period of the use of language for the purposes of gaining acceptance in one’s own mind and that of the masses of the brutal and violent behavior that is required to reap the booty from the weaker nations. The word development is used in the same manner as colony, colonial, and colonist to produce the mentality that those poor backward people need our help and in exchange we get their resources.

I have met all kinds of people who have profound disagreements with the status quo but have dedicated their lives to bringing European/American practices to the people in the weaker nations, thinking that these people would be better off if they had a little harmless technology. There are endless amounts of NGOs that are dedicated to "grass roots" "development" in the weaker nations. But these folks are no better than the traders that stole vast tracks of land by attempting to impress the indigenous peoples of the world with trinkets, mirrors, Knives, pots and pans and alcohol and then finally resorting to mass murder when these indigenous peoples would not be subdued by the free trade of yesteryear.

How can nations such as America come to terms with it’s brutal, violent history and present behavior against the indigenous and moral thinking people here in America and where ever America feels it’s interests are when the huckster language of the conqueror is still the excepted dialect. In the case of America, the Monroe doctrine and Manifest Destiny have become the tools of genocide in which those that subscribe to this Manifest Destiny justify their genocidal behavior for the simple fact that it is ordained by God.

So when we show up in New York on January 31st I propose that we bring not only the crimes of the conquerors to bear but the language that they think nullifies the masses as well. I would like to suggest a few language alterations that might in my opinion look good on placards and just might have the effect that we are looking for. It is also my attempt to return some irony back to the streets of New York.

World Economic Forum or Global Association of Pirates Meets to Split Up the Booty.

World Economic Forum or Global Economic Crime Syndicate

Global Economic Crime Syndicate Meeting at Waldorf Astoria? Quick Call a Cop.

Stand and deliver! Free Trade or your life! Oh, Terribly Sorry It Seems We Want Your Life As Well. Oh, Yes, We’ll Be Needing Your Wife Too, Oh And Any Children You Might Have And Possibly Grand Children. Oh, And Please, Don’t Leave Out Those descendents.

Dalai Lama Discovers Reincarnation of Hitler, Globalization.

All Hail The World Economic Inquisition!

"Payem Enough to Survive and Reproduce" "Hell They Should Pay Us"

Standard of Living? We Don’t Need No Stinking Standard of Living

Manuel Is So Proud of His New General Motors Uniform As He Steps Out of His Shack.

Free Trade! You Give Me Everything and I’ll Give You This Shiny New Debt.

Eat The Rich With Lots of Cilantro and Beer So As To Avoid Unwanted Voodoo Soul Transference.

I would give you more of these ironies but I must save some for the bumper stickers. See you all there.

Lloyd Hart

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