Resident CokeHead Taliban Bush

by RevereRides Sunday, Dec. 02, 2001 at 3:04 AM

Bush continues following the orders from those who placed him in position. Democracy, what democracy?? Perhaps a couple of eight-balls, or Belushi specials are in order.

RWWATCH -- November 29, 2001 (please forward)

[With the current war beginning to wind down, it is appropriate

to return to coverage about the Religious Right. As many of

you have pointed out, the Bush administration is encouraging

the appointment of many political figures who are beginning to

make the U.S. government look more and more like the Taliban.

See for one example. This

is a National Writers' Union alert about an appointee to the nat'l

labor relations board of a man, Robert Blame, who is virulently

anti labor. Not only that, but he served on the board of an

an organization,, which advocates

the imposition of Biblical punishment as U.S. law for sins like

adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and blasphemy. This group

raised over 0,000 per year for this purpose, and almost

40% of that was from sales of books. See their tax forms at:

Of course, any story about religious right is not complete

without some information on Pat Robertson. So here is a classic

article by investigative reporter Greg Palast that was quite

successful in mobilizing British public opinion against Robertson.

-rich cowan ]

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