America-Slavery's Still in Effect

by Anti-Fascist Friday, Nov. 09, 2001 at 8:33 AM

The WTO is set to begin its meeting Friday, November 9. The IMF/World Bank will follow in Ottawa on the 16th. These institutions are on the front lines to further America's agenda of commodifying the entire world's population, along with everything else, living and non-living. We must stop Uncle Sam, the ultimate terrorist, in his tracks.

The institutionss of global capitalism, sponsored and driven primarily by the United States and its foreign policy, are preparing to continue on discussing their plans to commodify the entire human race under their Milton Friedman brand of global slavery. Uncle Sam, as is being demonstrated in Afghanistan and elsewhere, intends to be the global slave master, delivering punishment to any nation or group that dares to defy the economic mandates of its Anglo/Aryan ruling class. Global Manifest Destiny-global slavery-global mone-TERRORISM! Outside of the wealthy ruling class, all human beings, other living species and resources are nothing but commodities for them to do with as they please for profit. THIS is the American "way of life". THIS is "freedom", American style.

And this is why it is so very important that we organize, world-wide, peacefully and non-violently(they already have too many excuses for using violence on us), to resist America's capitalist globalization in a global war against Uncle Sam's brand of terrorism. America is the ultimate terrorist, and it must be stopped in its tracks!