UCLA Anti-War Teach-In, Oct. 10th

by Sarah Church Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2001 at 10:33 PM
batlilith@hotmail.com (310)267-6148 event: Dickson Art Center, rm. 2160 E

The first explicitly ANTI-WAR teach-in in Southern California is taking place tomorrow, October 10th at 6pm. This event also marks the first major project of the newly-formed Student Coalition Against War (SCAW) on UCLA Campus. The teach-in may be drawing near but there is still work to be done after tomorrow, and SCAW is ready to contribute in any way possible.

*** PRESS RELEASE *** contact the evening of the event:
TJ Ghose, cell phone (213)952-9694
10 October 2001

UCLA Students Announce Anti-War Teach-In
Campus Organizes to Resist War, Preserve Civil Rights, and Stop Racist Scapegoating
Wednesday, October 10th
6pm Teach-in
(with Speakers Panel, to Include Professors, Students, and Seasoned Activists)
Dickson Art Center, room 2160 E, UCLA Campus

UCLA’s Student Coalition Against War Points of Unity:
1) No War: Military Action Will Not Stop Terrorism
2) No Racist Scapegoating
3) No Attacks on our Civil Liberties
For more information:
TJ Ghose: tjghose@hotmail.com, cell (213)952-9694, home (310)649-2051
Brett Featherstone: brfeatherstone@yahoo.com
Sarah Church: batlilith@hotmail.com, (310) 267-6148

"We have been planning this teach-in for weeks, but the anti-war message is even more important now that US bombs are falling on Afghanistan," says Behzad Raghian, student organizer with the Student Coalition Against War, who will join professors, seasoned anti-war activists, and other members of the LA community in a panel addressing the tragedy on September 11th from an anti-war perspective. Also speaking at the teach-in will be Blase Bonpane, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Americas and professor at Los Angeles Harbor College, as well as Helen Sklar from the National Lawyers Guild, Professor John Agnew of the UCLA Geography Department, Edina Lekozic of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and a member of the Afghan Student Association.

The teach-in will focus on: what we know (and don’t know) about the impact of our bombs on Afghanistan, US foreign policy in the Middle East, backlash against Arabs and Muslims in our country, and attacks on our civil liberties. A discussion period will follow the presentations, to encourage dialogue around alternatives to military action.

(Directions to Dickson 2160 E:
From Sunset Boulevard, turn south onto Hilgard Avenue. Enter Parking Lot 3 to the right. Exit parking lot past Melnitz Hall to the left. Dickson Art Center is to the right. Enter by climbing outdoor stairs on the south side of the building.)