Here's some questions for the nazis

by Curious Friday, Sep. 07, 2001 at 4:55 PM

I've been reading the various posts by the nazis, and now have several questions that I was hoping some of them could try to answer.

OK, I've read the postings about the Shack in Anaheim, including the ones posted by the nazis. A few of the nazis say that protesters are taking away their right to freedom of speech, and that protesters should leave them alone to take pride in their culture. Some have also said that it is not about violence and hate, while others have said they are going to do things like kill the next homo they see. So in order to clarify my confusion, I was wondering what the nazis have to say about these questions:

1. Do you feel that your white race is in any way superior to people of color?

2. If you think people are all equal, but that you should have a right to your seperate space, why don't you respect the space of others?

3. How can you claim that your movement is just about taking pride in your white race and not violence, when at the same time, many in your movement are advocating violence and murder, right here on this web site?

4. How can you expect special priveleges for your white race, when you deny even equal rights to people of color?

5. Is your hatred for all people of color, or is it for just certain ones? I've noticed that anti-nazi people here have never advocated demonstrating against all whites, only nazis, who, by virtue of nazi beliefs, happen to be white.

6. What do you expect to accomplish by killing people of color and homosexuals? Do you think that will earn you more converts?

7. Do you realize that many people of color and homosexuals in Orange County are just about as conservative as you are, and have much in common with you as far as economic and governmental beliefs? And this being true, do you only target those with more left wing beliefs for death, or do you just like to take out all of the people of color and homosexuals?

8. What do you believe the role of women is in your movement?

9. How often do you face death threats while walking down the street minding your own business? I know I have had nazis threaten to kill me twice in the last few months in Orange County as I was merely walking down the sidewalk not saying a word to anyone, and I've never threatened to kill a nazi myself.

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