Examine your Ideals...

by R. Morie Wednesday, Sep. 05, 2001 at 5:16 PM

this article is comprised of paragraphs. Each paragraph is made up of sentences, and each sentence is the sum of many words.

In August of 2000, I spent some time working at Patriotic Hall for the IMC covering the Democratic National Convention. I shot an assload of video, and was told that I would recieve the tapes in the mail in a few months. Well, here it is, 13 months later and no tapes. Furthermore, no accountability when I come to this web site trying to dig up an explanation. But that's hardly the point. In fact, it's totally not the point.

In the time that has passed since then, I have continued to visit this web site. I even spent many a week going down to the Hollywood farmer's market to buy those newspapers. I thought It would do me some good to keep up with the happenings. Well, it did.

I began to realize, the more I read and talked with others within the IMC, that a fundamental truth kept shining through quite blindingly;

You're simply malcontents, somehow equating yourselves as "victims" to the "system", (That system, by the way, is the FACT that you cannot make everybody like you.) and that the IMC's only means for survival is IT'S VICTIMS. It is this same reason that, in my youth, I abandoned the Baptist Church.

In that spirit, I have found many innaccuracies, more than likely downright lies, tryiing to support whatever you happened to be attacking at the time. Last summer's whole to-do with coffee had almost no truth to it at all, and this can be proven quite easily by ANYBODY OBJECTIVE ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY RESEARCH A TOPIC BEFORE PRINTING THEIR OWN PERSONAL SECOND-GUESS...

If it bleeds, it leads.... am I right?

but don't try bringing THAT up to some IMC type, they tend to mimick the pro-lifers by only talking, not listening; overprotective against having their little bubbles burst; much as a cyborg.

So yeah, if there is anybody out there who at least bares the job title of accountability, I no longer want the tapes back. I no longer want to share this bent perspective, either. I would recommend that anybody out there who TRULY had concerns regarding social injustice to do the same. I've reverted to spending my time ACTUALLY helping people, and it's more rewarding than being surrounded by riot cops on the square.

hugs and kisses,

r. morie

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