Amy and the Dragon

by Brian Routh Friday, Aug. 17, 2001 at 9:37 PM


On KPFA this morning on the show that replaced democracy now, a listener called in and suggested sending money to KPFA instead of the corporation in order to fund democracy now. Sounds good to me. In the 60s in Britain I remember it being very exciting with the pirate stations operating from abandoned oil rigs in the north sea. I think that this public radio corporation has become another monster amongst monsters. Just like the BBC in the 60s, have no more of it! Get it going outside of it. Piggyback the signal. Do anything to get around all this hupla! and drama! We need to hear it, so get it out anyway you can. All the power struggles within the corporate world are never going to go away or improve. So, screw 'em. Work outside of their confines, rules and petty power trips. We are not going to change them, ever. So, let's work without them. Put the word out without all the drama of who did what to whom and why, in corporate public radio land. Forget about your paychecks if you have to. In order to carry on with my own free voice as an artist (I was on Jessie Helms'hit list throughout the 80s and 90s) I can't afford to expect to be paid. I just have to make art and do whatever it takes to survive and whether that is fair or unfair doesn't enter into it. I've been doing it along time and will continue for as long as there is breath in this body. And something to say. So,let's move on now!

Original: Amy and the Dragon