These kids are getting rad

by posted from the list by Greg Hom Saturday, Aug. 11, 2001 at 5:49 AM

Organized to coincide with the One Year Aniversary or the DNC- Rage/Ozomatli Frenzy of Rubber Bullets, this via dolorosa has youth issues at its heart and Mumia on its mind.


We are a coalition of different youth organizations and individuals

coming together in solidarity to march and speak out against the lack

of support youth receive from government and corporations in America.

We are against the lack of education for the economically

disadvantaged. We are against the special interests of the private

sector that control both government and the media and hide the truth

of youth and community needs to satisfy private profits. We are

against police brutality. We are against sweatshops and the

exploitation of immigrants in the favor of big business. We are

against the expansion of the prison industrial complex that is in

collusion with the government to turn a young generation, especially

blacks and minorities, into slave labor in order to compete with the

exploitation of workers abroad. We are against the imprisonment of

Mumia Abu-Jamal and other political prisoners who have been

wrongfully incarcerated in order to silence the truth of their

words. We are against the racially driven war on drugs which turns

entire communities into criminals and avoids to deal with the real

problem of lack of education, health, and spiritual care for those in


We are marching to show that youth are united and organized. The media's

portrayal of us as uninformed and unresponsive and definitely not proactive

could not be farther from the truth. We are going to use the time and space

of this march to voice our concerns and visions and allow others to listen

and join into a multi-cultural/class/race/gender/sexuality movement.

The march will take place on Tuesday August 14, 2001 through the

streets of downtown Los Angeles. We will gather at Olympic and

Figueroa at 2pm, march at 3pm, and rally at Pershing Square (Olive &

5th St.) at approximately 5pm. Speakers and performances by musical

bands will follow.

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