Taking from the Poor to Serve and Protect the Rich

by intime-sdimc Wednesday, Jun. 27, 2001 at 11:52 PM


San Diego cops spent at least .5 million - of your and my money - to keep corporations safe from citizens. Their justification is that in Seattle citizen-activists caused a lot of property damage - approximately .5 million. But, let’s think for a second about where the .5 million for the damage in Seattle came from: The reserves of billion dollar insurance companies, of course. Does anybody really think that MacDonalds and Starbucks don’t have property insurance, or that the insurance companies didn’t reap tremendous profits even after they paid for the broken windows? But, as usual, the powers that be, including the police department (who get new toys to play with, and victims to use them on), the government (whose campaigns are largely financed by corporations), and the mass media (who are corporations), have convinced people that it is better that hard working taxpayers should pay .5 million of their hard earned money to protect corporations like MacDonalds whose executives get paid hundreds of millions of dollars a year to go to cocktail parties, while most of their employees get paid half of what it costs to simply survive to slave over burning hot oil etc.

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