Voz De Aztlan = Counter-Intelligence from Whitey-er, Pinche Vendidos!

by Chicano Verdadero Tuesday, May. 01, 2001 at 1:26 PM
vendidokiller@ezln.com La Verdadera Aztlan

Just a reminder to IMC non-Latinos and Chicanos to not be phased by the counter-intelligence coming from the middle class sell-outs ("vendidos") from Whitter, CA.

The continued homophobic rantings from La Voz are part of a concerted effort to provoke and foster division in Chicano, Latino, Gay and Leftist movements. The pendejos ("idiots" or "pubic hairs") are obviously closeted or avowed Republicans who have spent too much time in "Whitey-er" (what militant Chicanos call the suburb of Whittier), the hometown of former president Nixon, an avowed homophobe, anti-semite, and anti-Latino who came up with the whitewashed "Hispanic" label as a means of undermining the militant Chicano movement of the

early Seventies.

Witness the way in which their previous dispatch on "lesbianism" in indigenous cultures manipulates the language to paint themselves as being victimized by the progressive critics--a tactic that Republicans developed in the

last election. They claim to have supporters that have backed them up--there's alot of ignorant middle class

white people and mexican americans in Whittier--what else is new? That's a Republican strongehold anyways---

not reflective of the larger Chicano/Latino community that DOESN"T LIVE IN WHITEY-ER...

So, to quote my mother, "No hagas caso a la flojera!" or "Don't worry about the stupid shit..."


Original: Voz De Aztlan = Counter-Intelligence from Whitey-er, Pinche Vendidos!