excellent article in toronto globe and mail

by Michael Valpy Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2001 at 7:07 PM

An amazing piece for a main stream publication. Yes the demonstrations have had a effect. A profound effect.

POSTED AT 12:05 PM EDT Tuesday, April 24

Democracy demolished


From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Portrait of two citizens at Quebec: Somewhere today outside the old walled city, the cradle of Canada, Lori-Ann

Campbell, 22, and her boyfriend, David Martino, 24, are keeping a date with the unfolding destiny of their country's


Two specks, two bit players, taking part in an event of such dramatic media and political dimensions that it has washed

beyond the grasp of Canadians' easy comprehension. Six thousand police. Thousands of journalists. Perhaps tens of

thousands of marchers, protesters and demonstrators, with Campbell and Martino among them.

For the past few weeks, the two have explored with me their reasons for wanting to be in Quebec City for the Summit

of the Americas

Original: excellent article in toronto globe and mail