Coup Watch: odd things happening in UK too

by London Reader Monday, Nov. 13, 2000 at 4:10 PM

Not wishing to bore you with our own local difficulties, there are curious developments in Britain too

You may recall that in september most of europe was hit by a wave of blockade protests about the heavy taxation of diesel and petrol, which also got the support of the farming community, itself hard pressed at the moment.

In most european states, where governments are accustomed to giving concesions to effective protest, in Britain the Labour regime prevaricated, the protesters sensed they were on the edge of a victory and then they backed down.

To get to the point:

In the meantime, the government made it clear that they would prefer the farmers to be placed under the same conditions that the coal miners were forced to accept under Thatcher in 1985, total defeat. To do this, the shadowy Home Secretary Jack straw, an ex-socialist student leader, has begun to assemble a very peculiar array of people in what is called a Contigency Cabinet, which incorporates the military, the police, the directors of the oil companies, and the leaders of the trades unions. What kind of government could that be , if you look for historical parallels ?

What too, to make of the utterances of the Prime Monster, Tony Blair, who is a self declared christian evangelist, who started talkng of a "Third Way", a "New Britain" and a "National Moral Purpose" shortly after his NATO victory in 1999 ?

It seems clear that the British working class were effectively defeated in 1985 as mentioned previously. If the farmers are likewise beaten, that does indeed raise the question of which class will hold power in Britain- the concern is that there will be NO independent class left at all, but this peculiar christian directory that Blair and Straw are preparing ....

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